Homeless but happy

The word is the parental homestead is going up for sale.  God Bless the person who buys this straw house.  So, once again, I am mortgaged to the hilt with my husband, yet homeless.  Now I contemplate the options I have of getting a new place to live. 

I could move onto campus, but there are no overnight visitors aloud.  I can’t live somewhere that I am not permitted to take my daughter.  I could get an apartment close to campus but have to consider Tesla starting school.  John has taken the liberty of enrolling her in the school district of our home in Windsor.  When I brought up registering her for Dover he had a meltdown.  He told me today he had his lawyer send a letter to my lawyer concerning Tesla.  He wants her to go to school from our house but will agree to let me have her 3 days a week or something like that.  For that to work, I would need to live close to Windsor or in Windsor. 

I’m not giving up parental rights to my daughter.  Not going to happen.  With that thought in mind, I struggle to do what’s best.  I refuse to remain on a mortgage of a house I don’t live in, especially with the latest girlfriend and her 4 kids residing there.  The mortgage is way behind and now our credit is ruined so I don’t see how John thinks he can keep our house to himself.  He has warned me if I make him sell the house he will ruin me….how much more ruined can I get?  At least I’m not scared!!

So, my options: 

Should I use my school loan to get an apartment?  Try to get an apartment near the house I own with John and keep the 50-50 custody agreement?  Give in to his demand of having majority custody and patiently wait for Tesla to announce she wants to live with her mom?  Get an apartment in Dover and fight for custody?  Get an apartment in Dallastown and move Zeth in before his father boots him out over the summer?  Rent a house with my sister and nephew?  That would be four people and two dogs and probably, very expensive.

  My God this is a mess and I only have one person to thank.  Myself, for falling in love with an asshole.

Thoughts and comments appreciated!  House and apartment rental leads also appreciated!!



  1. baggedemotions says:

    God Bless You!

    Everyone has a secret they haven’t told. Everyone has a past they wish not to share. Everyone has talents that people don’t notice. Everyone has weaknesses hidden inside. Everyone has a story left untold. we shouldn’t judge anyone.

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