Liberal Education

York College offers a diverse course selection.  How diverse?  Here’s my schedule:


Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (Math)

If only this class could help me solve the problem of still being married.

Elementary Spanish

I’ll be able to curse like a sailor and it will sound SEXY!

Recreational Shooting

Pistols, shotguns and rifles….Hells Yeah!  A country girl’s dream class!!!!!!



Spanish II

Maybe I’ll start dreaming in Spanish…

History of Terrorism

I can’t imagine this class will be boring.

Terror in Literature

Should prepare me for writing a novel about my life.

Religious Cults and Alien Theory

Hot Damn, I love this college!!

Square Dancing

No, I will not be wearing plaid and cowboy boots.

Sculpture Art

Perhaps a sculpture of aliens terrorizing earth with rifles, shotguns and pistols while singing the Beer Barrel Polka in Spanish.   🙂


Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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