My phone rang in gym

My phone rang in gym class, right after we finished our square dance number.  We actually had to dance it 1.5 times because the first try the cd started to skip.  That’s a good way to ruin square dancing.

So the call was from a woman named Holland.  She is now assigned to my case because Mr. Flynn wasn’t returning any of my calls concerning Tesla and my health insurance and  food card.  Imagine my relief learning that we were not losing our benefits after all!

There is someone above looking over me.  It may take time, but everything will work out eventually.

My spirits are lifted,


Interesting Mix

  Checking out my schedule for fall at York College of PA, I am amazed at the choices I have in my education.  Being an English major I just love anything that requires reading and writing.  Most students hate the reading and writing required during college.  To me, the English language is fascinating.  It has rules concerning how words are formed and used, yet contradicts itself over and over.

   You remember the i before e except after c rule right?  Also, how words become plural and really don’t follow any set rule.  House become houses, yet mouse become mice.  Many words are spelled the same but have different meanings or sound the same but are spelled different.  English is just a confusing mess and I believe considered the hardest language to learn.  I feel fortunate to know and understand English.

   My upcoming classes are Spanish I, Literature of Terror, Cults: New Religious Movements, Writing in Professional Cultures, Art in Sculpture and finally, Square Dancing.  Spanish is a repeat of the summer class I took and passed with a C.  I don’t feel prepared for Spanish II so I chose to repeat Spanish I.  Square Dancing is a gym credit and will wrap up the required 2 credits I need for physical education.  I hope square dancing is as much fun as recreational shooting.

   My meaty classes are Literature, Religion and Writing.  Scary books are my favorite so I determined Literature of Terror should be an awesome class.  I am very interested in religion and just couldn’t pass up the new class Professor Christa Shusko was offering.  A class about new religious movements and with the year 2012 approaching, the timing couldn’t be better!  Finally, my writing class covers writing on the internet, web design etc.

  I am pumped up and can’t wait for classes to start.  My thoughts and energy is being wasted on stressful things like court, divorce and future ex-husbands.  I’d much rather read and think about scary stories and religion!  Keep an eye out for my articles in The Spartan!

Ready to hit the books,


Liberal Education

York College offers a diverse course selection.  How diverse?  Here’s my schedule:


Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (Math)

If only this class could help me solve the problem of still being married.

Elementary Spanish

I’ll be able to curse like a sailor and it will sound SEXY!

Recreational Shooting

Pistols, shotguns and rifles….Hells Yeah!  A country girl’s dream class!!!!!!



Spanish II

Maybe I’ll start dreaming in Spanish…

History of Terrorism

I can’t imagine this class will be boring.

Terror in Literature

Should prepare me for writing a novel about my life.

Religious Cults and Alien Theory

Hot Damn, I love this college!!

Square Dancing

No, I will not be wearing plaid and cowboy boots.

Sculpture Art

Perhaps a sculpture of aliens terrorizing earth with rifles, shotguns and pistols while singing the Beer Barrel Polka in Spanish.   🙂


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