The hold up

No, I haven’t held up a bank, or Rutters, or Exxon in desperation. Instead I found out what the hold up is at the courthouse. Apparently, after John and I both signed the consent for divorce, they closed the case. Now why close a divorce case when it obviously ISN’T closed. John may have known this and was content to let things continue on as I had no clue York County Courthouse wasn’t going to pursue the division of maritial property. Fortunately for me, I have a kick ass attorney who is on top of things now. After letting John’s new young lawyer know she need to check into John’s lame ass contempt charges before joining him on his campaign to ruin my life. Things will be rock and rolling soon and it’s about freaking time!!! Sadly our daughter turns 5 this Sunday and half her life has been during the process of John saying he wants a divorce. I think he wants to just stay married now that his child support and alimony is down to less than 400 a month. Of course the state takes a portion of that right off the top. I have no problem with a judge telling me what steps will be taken with the maritial residence, maritial goods and business. I’d rather hear it from a judge than be told by my backstabbing husband what he wants done. F that! He’s screwed up enough in my life and for that matter all the other women he’s screwed since. Might as well put out a red light on the goddamn porch. I predict, if this happens soon enough, the house will be put up for sale. If not soon, it will be foreclosed on. So in the long run, did filing for divorce really get you want you wanted? I think not!!!

Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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