I knew this day was coming.  Didn’t matter how many times John told me not to worry about the house payments.  That’s hard to do since my name is on the mortgage and deed just as his is.  I see now, John wasn’t that worried about it at all. 

Now our house is in foreclosure.  There is 30 days to pay the last three months balance of $6496.59.  The second mortgage is behind also.  Between the two, probably $8400 is past due. 

Am a surprised?  Yes and no.  What surprises me the most is he has JUST moved his new girlfriend in with her FOUR children. Why move her in, especially if the house is in foreclosure? I wonder if this Heather even knows the house is in foreclosure…. 

Kelly just put $10,000 of her own money into my house last year.  Why make changes to a nice house with a new bedroom edition using your own money on a house that isn’t yours?  That’s just stupid!

So now Heather is appreciating all the changes of my house that Kelly just paid for.  Pretty soon, no one will be enjoying the house because the bank will be taking it back.  The ACT 91 NOTICE was very direct.  Pay now or say good bye.

If you can’t support the house you have, at least try to sell it while you can.  Our credit is already ruined.  I can only guess at this point that he plans to file bankruptcy.  It’s not like John and I talk.  He’s to stubborn to listen to anything I have to say. 

When we split up, our finances were at least still in order.  Yet it was always me at fault for everything that was going wrong.  Perhaps skipping on two new four wheelers for himself, two timeshares, an addition to an already large home and replacing the pool would have allowed the house to be saved now.  Listening to what your wife thinks isn’t a bad idea.  Sometimes John would listen, but he would do whatever he wanted anyway.

What “John The Man” wanted was the house, business, money, cars, vacations,  (just add any worldly good here) and it didn’t work out great for him.  Maybe this Act 91 Notice will wake him up and do the right thing….finish with the divorce! 

That is highly unlikely to happen.

Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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