ONLY 5 minutes

Only 5 minutes had passed last night since Tesla had called me to say goodnight. I was in the shower and called as soon as I could get dried off and dial the phone. John said she was already settled into bed and he couldn’t disturb her or some lame similar bullshit excuse.

Just about a month or so ago, HE called me at midnight wanting to talk to Tess. MIDNIGHT? How calls at midnight to talk to their child??

But I couldn’t call back at 9:05?!? WTF?! This is his way of controlling things. Just like filing for divorce was to “scare” me into doing what he wanted!!
I’m sorry I have to make Tess call him. It upsets me that she doesn’t want to talk to her dad. I’m sorry she doesn’t ask to call and talk to her Dad’s relatives. That would require him having relatives of his own, wanting to talk to him. I don’t really see his family rallying around him. They would rather ignore his calls. Who would blame them. Hell, I don’t even want to talk to John and avoid seeing him whenever possible. I don’t say this to Tesla ever. I encourage her to call her dad. Just her dad…not whichever woman is in his life (or moving into my house) this week. I don’t tell my daughter what I think of her dad. That’s what my blog allow me do.
How many women’s lives does this man get to fuck up?


Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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