Yeah I smashed it

What big eyes you have!

What big eyes you have!

I love my little sister.  She is nine years younger than me.  Growing up, she was annoying.  Now as adults, she is annoying.  LOL  Actually she’s my favorite sister.  My only sister….but she is my girlfriend.  I call her “G”, short for girlfriend.  This way I don’t have to admit we are related. 

Suz is actually very sweet and kind.  I love her to little, itty-bitty pieces.  She IS my sister but when she has her “blonde” moments, which is often, I want to disown her, temporarily. 

For instance, last Friday G is watching TV downstairs.  Downstairs is my bedroom.  I don’t mind that she comes down and watches the cable on my busted up television.  What I DO mind is she is so damn messy.  Dishes, food, wrappers, cups, etc.  You get the idea.  So on Friday, she watching TV and sets her cup on the arm of the lazy boy chair.  The chair where I sit to do homework.  At some point, a full coffee cup dumped into my bookbag and purse.  My notebooks were soaked, my textbooks soaked….I wanted to choke her!!!  Instead, I smashed her coffee cup (sorry bout that G) and cried. 

Cried like a baby, I did.  Not over the coffee cup really.  It’s just the stress of my life being stuck in limbo with the divorce dragging out so long.  I am sorry, I’ll get you another Hershey’s coffee cup.  Kisses and hugs to you Suz.  You know I wasn’t really that upset with spilled coffee into my bookbag.  The only thing that saved you was my laptop and library books weren’t in my bag yet.  🙂


Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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