Today went quickly

I had a busy day today.  First up, I put some bread in the toaster, then forgot about it.  When I finally returned I did a double take pulling it from the toaster.  Someone, had taken a bite before I even buttered it!  I burst out laughing and my son Zeth, couldn’t help himself.  His guilt wass confirmed in his wild laughter.  There is this trend at the Crider house, when making something for someone else, take a bite before you give it to them.  Zeth to that in-house joke one step further.  You’re welcome Zeth….you are definitely my egg.

Next up, I wanted to see if my car radio would get a better signal if I taped a wire hanger to the antenna.  After several test checks (why do it if it doesn’t make any improvements?) I secured my new antenna.  I see it as redneck girl-functioning art. 

Tesla has a perfectly good pair of shoes to play outside in during the mud ball season.  It’s just the velcro that replaced laces years ago, doesn’t cut the mustard.  The shoes lost their grip.  I had the electrical tape handy….presto!!  Redneck girl fix #2!

Now the repairs were finished and the kids were ready to race in the garage.  Everyone was happy and life is good.

Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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