Here is the boxing ring!!

I’ve had it with being forced to communicate with my future ex-husband through text messages with his new girlfriend.  No one whos known John for about 2-3 weeks, should be texting or telling me anything.

If anything, HEATHER, you should be thinking hard about even being involved with a man who is still married.  Whether I love my husband or not isn’t the issue.  There will be a divorce.  The pieces will fall where they may. 

So here is the boxing ring.  I don’t want to talk or text you Heather.  You have no business even knowing my daughter.  Good parents don’t take their small children and parade them around new boyfriends.  Now these children think they are moving into my house.  If you have something to say, say it here.  I really hate retyping text messages, BUT:

I texted John after picking up Tesla.  She has a nasty gash on her head, but thankfully nothing serious.  Tesla tells me she was on the backporch with some of Heather’s children (not sure of their ages but 5, 7, 10 and 15 would be my best guess) while John and Heather went to the store.  LaDonna was apparently watching all 5 kids, while she was working in the office.

My text to J0hn after an argument about La watching 5 kids while she is working the in the office:

Me:I’m trying to get across 2 u that La shouldn’t b watching all those kids at work.  She isn’t the sitter 4 u and whatever children r with a new g/f.  And further more no one else should b moving into the house until u settle this divorce.

J: Ok boss.

Me:U need someone to make u see reality.  just finish the divorce please!

J/H: It’s as easy sign the paper. besides you still love him otherwise you would not send him pictures all the time.  so sad you don’t have a life.

(I signed the divorce paper like two years ago or more.  It’s all about marital property now and I sent one picture of me wearing my necklace that Tess loves.  Yeah, I poked at him about hoping to not have to pawn it since he’s not paying his child or alimony support.)

Me:Really…again with the g/f?  It doesn’t matter if I love him or not.  He will eventually get his divorce.  u will b long gone cause no one is good enough for him.

H: Honey when u got it u got it.  And u didn’t.  Don’t be jealous it just makes u look bad.  Should have been more concerned about ur family then drugs and women.  We all make mistakes I hope you can learn from urs and move on and be a great mother and person.  U ask for people to shut u out w/ your hate and anger I pray you can forgive urself as well as others someday and move on to a happy time in ur life.  And thanks for asking.  we are all excited to be together even Tess, despite your comments...

Wow…Heather thinks she knows allllll about me.  Clueless.  But that’s fine….she’s got it!!!!

 My final text was “you don’t know shit.” 

Heather, Heather, Heather…sigh….

I don’t know you.  I don’t expect you to be around long enough to even get to know you.  I just feel terrible for my daughter who has to see the ridiculousness of her father’s choices and your children who’s lives will be affected by you jumping into a relationship with my future ex-husband.  Don’t text me on John’s phone.  Comment on my blog site and everyone can have a ringside seat!  I don’t want to reconcile, I want a divorce and all this mess cleaned up. 

Thank you!

The current future x-wife,



  1. Anonymous says:

    I say call children services. A moving business is not a day care center and any injuries should be told to the other parent as soon as they happen. And heather I know for a fact Pattie does NOT love john any more. I believe it is the other way around. He has to be holding on to her for some reason. So the way I see it is it is either for control or cuz he still loves her.

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