I used to camp…then the Sheraton became toughing it.

Nothing like camping, the fresh out doors, monster mosquitos and no where to shower. My ex-girlfriend and I used to take the boys camping in Blaine, PA. It was so beautiful there and not over crowded. We had tents and sleeping bags. Took most of our food along with us and had a feast for every meal.  My favorite snack was toasted marshmallows.  Not burnt, just toasted. 
Camping in Blaine, PA actually started with my first husband Gary. We would go with a big group of people, mostly couples. Deb and Kevin, Sue and Kevin and others I’m sure. That was a LONG time ago. Gary and I separated in 1996. Gary is a good guy. Not to be confused with my current husband.
Camping came to an end when I met John. Shar and I were long over until I meeting him but I still was friends with her. He actually ended that friendship for many years once I was under his thumb.  I still had many nice pieces of camping gear,  that I wound up selling for pennies on the dollar. Now I wish I kept my fishing rods, tents, sleeping bags, portable shower, cot, fishing vest, tackle box, bait can, etc.
Roughing it with John meant we had to stay at a Sheraton or even worse a Hotel 6/Super 8. These were below John. He wanted 4 stars or better and that didn’t mean 4 stars sewn on your tent by a boy scout.


  1. d r wolf says:

    we used to go camping as kids. remember the time we were at the creek and went canoeing and that big cat fish jumped right into the canoe? then ur dad made it for dinner

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