are things stressful at home?

Who doesn’t have stress in their life?   There is no way to avoid it.  Of course there are the gluttons who seem to survive on stress, but most people like to avoid it.

How stressful is your household?  Do you ever want to pack up and take off?

Presently I live in the basement of my parents.  It’s a somewhat finished area of the house, but it’s not so bad I can’t live down there.  It’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Tesla, Ying and I have settled in nicely.  She has her own area for sleeping, playing, watching tv and making a general hurricane like mess.  Tesla is very active and loves the company of her cousin Blaine. 

Blaine is almost 7 and cute as a button.  His last name is Snelbaker and his nickname has become “Smellmaker.”  He’s not real thrilled about it but the rest of us think it’s funny and appropriate.  I think his mama, Suz, came up with that one.

Suz is my sister.  She has been living in this stressful house for over 5 years now.  Stuck in a situation that begs for her to move, but financially she is not able.  There is much responsibility on my sister in caring for our mom and keeping an eye on our brother, Sam.

Sam moved in last year and is eager to move back out.  The anxiety from living back home is taking over his life.  I believe he would like to move but so far, he hasn’t taken that leap.  A sound plan is needed before he just up and moves.  Sam is one smart guy and has a wonderful dry sense of humor.  He has been through some tough times here late…

Mom has been sick since I was in high school.  She is the strongest person I know.  How she manages to keep going with all the sickness that has taken over her life is impressive.  Even more impressive is she is still married to my dad. 

Dad is Dad.  He comes and goes now that he retired from a full-time job.  He works part-time and spends most of his evening in his room (yes, my parents have separate rooms.  Dad’s is the largest of course.)  Dad also spend hours with his priority in life, playing music.  Don’t let him fool you, I wasn’t the first-born.  His mandolin was.

Yes, it’s stressful at the Crider’s but deep down, when we are not thinking about choking each other, we really DO care.  Well, most of us seem to care.  Some people you can never please.  We aim to please Mom.  If Mom is happy, everyone is happy. 

In that case, I guess we might all stay in this house with only one bathroom.  Mom needs us all here for one another. One bathroom, 5 adults, 2-3 kids depending on the day, and a refrigerator that needs a gallon of milk daily. 

One day, after I graduate from college, I will move.  Tess and Zeth will go with me.  Stress level will go down.  Life will go on.  We will tough it out, as a family.


  1. d r wolf says:

    ok what to say about this blog……well yes mom is one of the strongest people i know and i am soooo very glad and thankful that i have had her in my life….love her
    well “dad”…all i have to say is @#$%&*!
    suz i still remember as a little girl so cute and funny
    sam i still remember as the baby..and he has had a lot of things going on in his life i hope he can stay strong…

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