Amish Mafia: More of the Circus Mob Tonight

‘Amish Mafia’ star Alan Beiler sentenced to prison for state trooper car chase – NY Daily News.

Amish Mafia is back on the Discovery Channel tonight!  I admit it, I’m excited.  Let’s be honest…this creative nonfiction, reality television show is entertaining.  They are all real people, acting out what Discovery wants portrayed.  Every now and then there is a hiccup in the filming, and reality steps in, but it’s a welcome from the network.  Nothing makes a made-up story about Amish Mafia seem more realistic than having cast member fleeing and alluding the police.  I hear we will see coverage of Alan at the courthouse.  Really, though, Alan isn’t that important to the show.  Just my opinion. 😉

Alan can always perform as the mobster who was taken down after several run-ins with the police.  The chases just had to be for his own excitement.  Discovery channel wasn’t there to film that…what a shame.  Where was Alan racing off to hide?  It’s not like the police didn’t know his car and face.  He could have just stopped and been charged with the little bit of weed and Xanax.  Duh.  I hope 21 months is enough time to sit and think about what a stupid move that was.

I’m excited to see what Esther will be up to and if we will see more of the strange brother, called by his last name, Freeman.  Esther’s other brother, John, was in trouble with the law not too long ago.  I think John fled from the police also, this time in a car owned by a Discovery employee.  Why are they letting John drive any vehicle?  He doesn’t even have a license for his scooter!

Amish Mafia 001

Levi has been working hard at his “English” business of roofing, siding and the general.  He has made several appearances for charity in the Lancaster area.  I think I might invite him to next years 150th Anniversary of Dover, PA Borough.  Many of our ancestors in this area came from Europe, fleeing religious persecution.  Particularly an Anabaptist sect that fled Germany and relocated in Lancaster, PA.  Dover Township is nearly identical to Lancaster’s agricultural resources.

And what will that evil, complete whack-job, champagne to his horse, Mennonite in Ohio, Merlin be up to?  Other then causing grief and over drama in Lancaster, of course.  Is he really the narcissist portrayed on our television screens?  I don’t care if he can quote the Bible and speak in half-ass Dutch.  No way would I want to work with someone at his level of insanity.

Will we see Jolin this season?  He is the eye-candy of the show.  Big Steve and the angry little guy, just can’t take Jolin’s place in our eyes.

Ok, enough already.  I’ll be watching…  ~P.

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Amish Mafia Levi called

The Big Boss called

The Big Boss called

This afternoon, while home sick, my phone rang.  The call ID name flashed on the screen Levi Stoltzfus.  And I be derned, it was.

Levi said he can’t give me an interview at this time because Discovery forbids them from giving interviews and having social media accounts.  So as I reported before, no one from The Amish Mafia has Facebook pages, Twitter accounts…If they did, they don’t now.  Levi stated, “I hate that fans believe these people online are me.  We have no online accounts.”

He seemed to appreciate my interest in the show and voiced some concern about the show possibly not being renewed.  He didn’t state why but I suspect it could be over the “events are recreated” issue.  I said, “While I don’t want to hear people are running around with guns shooting watermelons up, it was great to see Jolin do it on tv.”  Levi laughed, “Yeah, it is great for tv.  I’m glad people like it.  We really do shoot up watermelons patches to make a point.”

Levi has a really nice voice when he is not wound-up screaming at someone, like John.  We talked for a little over ten minutes and agreed to keep in touch.

He likes the idea of a book.

So do I.


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