Amish Mafia Levi called

The Big Boss called

The Big Boss called

This afternoon, while home sick, my phone rang.  The call ID name flashed on the screen Levi Stoltzfus.  And I be derned, it was.

Levi said he can’t give me an interview at this time because Discovery forbids them from giving interviews and having social media accounts.  So as I reported before, no one from The Amish Mafia has Facebook pages, Twitter accounts…If they did, they don’t now.  Levi stated, “I hate that fans believe these people online are me.  We have no online accounts.”

He seemed to appreciate my interest in the show and voiced some concern about the show possibly not being renewed.  He didn’t state why but I suspect it could be over the “events are recreated” issue.  I said, “While I don’t want to hear people are running around with guns shooting watermelons up, it was great to see Jolin do it on tv.”  Levi laughed, “Yeah, it is great for tv.  I’m glad people like it.  We really do shoot up watermelons patches to make a point.”

Levi has a really nice voice when he is not wound-up screaming at someone, like John.  We talked for a little over ten minutes and agreed to keep in touch.

He likes the idea of a book.

So do I.



  1. That is awesome…now what about Esther. I figured the rest were fake and noticed no one posting…that explains why

  2. Esther has a fb account…it just isn’t under her real name. I’m 100% for real that it is her!

    • AMUSED ONE says:

      I wrote to her on facebook and sent her all these things I found on google from local papers in her town I also found out her other aliases, and she has 3 previous adresses, she denied…… but I confirmed it. She is not amish. She was looking for a modeling job and was offered this job. She lives or lived with the jerk that beat her and the police said the couple has a history of domestic abuse, and it was not a one time thing. She lives in a regular house, right near where filming is for the show. Her family is amish however according to newspapers. OH! SHE WORKED WITH TLC WHEN THE OTHER AMISH SHOW WAS ON, THAT IS HOW SHE GOT THIS JOB! SHE HAS two facebook accounts…….1. esther amish mafia, 2. esther Schmucker but she has a 3ed one i found last night…….. forget the name now. When I wrote to her and sent this infor right onto her facebook page, she deleted it than talked to me privately, than banned me from writing anymore…….
      I told her………….you can deny any of it, but facts are facts, you cannot deny what is write there in police documents, She also has kids. Google her adn look uner images you will see her in regular clothes adn one image with her kid.

  3. Donna silva says:

    I realty hoped it was him on Facebook I messaged him several times now I know why I never got a answer

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