Roots, rot and wrecks

Forensic Bridgeology Report.  Bull Road. Warrington Township  PA

Angry fingers grasping the dirt

B: Forest-The trees bare their roots against their will.  Water and ice rise during the rainy, cold seasons tearing away the life supporting soil.  Roots tear out of the ground like fingers, desperate to keep hold of the dirt.  The fingers are of many hands, twisted, deformed and arthritic.  Clinging to their last chance of life.

D Roadside:  People drive to fast on country roads.  Country roads are tricky for city slickers.  They are also quite tricky for drunks.  One particular tree along Bull Road stands out among the rest.  This tree suffers many scars from drivers who just didn’t navigate  that curve correctly.  It’s not that difficult to menuver but just as you take that itty, bitty curve and start to straighten the wheel, out of nowhere this tree suddenly jumps out and bites your car on the passenger’s side. 

  R: Active decay- Nature has a way of recycling herself.  Giant pine trees that once towered over the creek now lay on the forest floor.  The felled pines have been there for decades, maybe longer.  The remains of a pine tree are ugly, bug infested and decaying.  The branches are bare of bark and poke out like skeletal arms of different lengths.  Perhaps fending off the decay thats slowly returns the body, back to the ash it was born.

More sections of forensic report to come!

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