When life is good

How often do you give a quick reply of “good” when asked how your life is?  “Good” is probably the most often response used.  When we respond is it automatic?  It’s certainly the easiest answer.  People really don’t want to hear about your problems do they?

My friend from highschool, Kym Guss Buchanan wrote in her status update:

Oh Happy Day! Tests came
back…still cancer free! So ready for my fabulous future! Bring it on…so
ready to rumble! Working on making some career goals a reality! Planning more
into the future now. Sharing special times with my hubby and daughter…spending
time with my terrific friends and family…
so much to enjoy!!!! I feel
fabulous and Life is SO good!!!!

That was SO good to read because I get how short life can be.  The wonderful news that Kym is cancer free renews my faith in God and reminds me that good things do happen.

While I struggle daily with not a physical illness, but a mental illness, I love and appreciate all the support I get from my family and friends.  It’s good to know, especially in dealing with depression for the past 3 years, that I have my peeps out there backing me.  Everyday I feel stronger and excited for the future.  I couldn’t do that without my family and friends and that is exactly what I was missing out on in life during my 5 year marriage.

Still unpacking the damn boxes,


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