England Takes a Bad Turn OR Stupid York County Intersection

I belong to a group on Facebook called You Know You’re From York, PA When. It was this group that gave me the idea to do the You Know You’re From Dover, PA When page. Anywho, I posted this photo by Thommy Abbott in the York Group. Thommy is a volunteer firefighter at Lincolnway Volunteer Fire Company. He works in security at Allied Barton. I know all this from stalking his Facebook page.

Enough about Thommy (which I pronounce in my head with the Th and not To) and onward to the actual photo and comments that followed.

You know you’re from York PA when intersections are just laid out stupid.

Starview Rd & George St York 1

I knew this photo would get Yorkers going on Facebook. The England driver was going to be ribbed and the intersection was going to be declared dangerous (as it should be) and I couldn’t wait to read the comments.

Starview Rd & George St York 2

A truckload of Harley’s dumped onto George Street?! OMG that is horrible!  My comment on where the driver came from is just a guess. I didn’t see this happen, but I would have been glad to stop and take pictures if I had.

Starview Rd & George St York 3

I don’t know what the driver was thinking, if he was just following his GPS, lost, or just having a really stupid moment that he would seriously regret.

Starview Rd & George St York 4

This time there was lime deodorant in the comments. That made me pause for translation.

Lots of stories about vehicles getting stuck at the George/Church/Starview intertrap, I mean, intersection.

Starview Rd & George St York 5

Necole (love the spelling, props to her momma-what’s up with York Countian’s name spelling?) shared another view of the England debacle from inside her school bus. Look, the light is green Nicole. Stop rubbernecking. . . just kidding. I’d have been rubbernecking.

Starview Rd & George St York 6

So the comments were informative and funny. Lots of people think there should be changes to the intersection BEFORE someone has to die.

What do you think?


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