Snow Humor

Most people either love snow, or hate it with a passion. I’m somewhere in-between. I don’t mind driving in it, it’s the idiots that can’t drive in snow that scare me. There’s plenty of people who can’t seem to drive, add snow and it’s a real mess in York County,PA. I like playing in the snow, especially sledding, with the kids but since my slip on the ice and injuring my shoulder I don’t want to sled and risk injuring it further.

We did play outside today and it was fun. Bitter cold, but fun.

Enjoy the snow meme’s.


Brace yourselfbuffalo-snow-meme Goddamn-Snow-I-Got-Important-Things-To-Do Oprah Pulp Snow Roof-Left-Open-in-Snow-Meme snowcaine Snow-storm-meme-630x472

Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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