Amish Mafia: Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love you, Tomorrow

Seems like forever since I first received an email from the producers of Amish Mafia asking if I would agree to an interview. Yet tomorrow is the first episode of Season 4, which happens to be the final season. No more Amish Mafia on the Discovery Channel. I’m CRUSHED!!

I wonder what happened that this is the final season because there is NO WAY Discovery would end a show that has such a huge following. Everyone knew it was fake. A reenactment of past interactions between the Amish, Mennonites and English. I honestly believe there was an Amish Mafia in history. They weren’t called the Amish Mafia back then but Anabaptist Hunters. Not quite the catchy title of a hit show.

If you want to read more about how I believe the Amish Mafia came about, click this link.

That paper I wrote for a religious conspiracy course in college caused Esther Schmucker to declare me the enemy and block me on Twitter and Facebook. All that and she’s not even on the show anymore. Sheesh, I thought Levi was her enemy, except for when they were engaged, but he was shagging an English girl. Oh Levi, you animal!

So I guess this will be the last chance for me to tweet on the show. I’m sad. No more Wayne in safety glasses smashing things, no more No Neck Mary soakings, no more insane Merlin and no more creepy Freeman. That’s my top four I’ll miss after this season. I’ll miss Esther and John just because they were so easy to make fun of on the show. Apparently their skin is thin and it took them becoming “famous” to realize it.

So good bye Amish Mafia. Fair well and good luck to you’ins.

And Levi, post some photos of the baby!

Amish Mafia, a delightful mix of kinda true but oh so hyped up for cable television type of show.


Tuesday, February 10th at 9 PM on The Discovery Channel


  1. anomyous says:

    It’s funny how you blog stuff about Levi and Esther when you have major problems in your life divorce don’t have your daughter shouldn’t you worry about yourself? And you called Lebanonlevi pudgy and fat. You don’t look any better do you? There’s not hottness when you look in the mirror

    • Wow, you are behind on my blog. My divorce is finally over, I won joint custody of my daughter and I think I’m not so bad on the eyes. My fiancee agrees. Levi and I are both pudgy, but I am way cuter. LOL Hey, thanks for reading and trying to hurt my feelings in the comments. Have a great day.

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