No promotion for my Honda in the Amish Mafia on Girl’s Night

It’s all good. I didn’t get what I wanted, or at least, what I thought I wanted. I threw my hat at this job opening. The head of HR came into my office today. No job change for me and honestly, I’m not upset. Twice my boss, the plant manager, checked on me after he was told I didn’t get the opening. Before he left he said he was really sorry I didn’t get the position because it would have been a little more money for me, but he’s the happiest person there ‘cause he gets to keep me as his assistant. Awwww, he’s so nice.

I stopped after work to get a new key made for my ’92 Honda “gonna live forever” Accord. I ditched the one I had at Mieneke after they told me my car needed a head gasket, timing chain, water pump and oil change at the estimated cost of $1,800. Later I found out there was a hole in the hose and $11 would fix the problem. Mieneke, those rip off artists! I even called and told them I believed their car tech was a lying pile of Ying crap. Ok, I just said I thought he should look into which tech it was, no mention of Ying’s poo. Oh yeah, the key. The clerk looked up my car in the key manual and it only went back to 1998. That made me LOL in Ace Hardware, not something I usually do.

So I’ve been asked by several people when I’m going to be on Amish Mafia. The show airs February 10th at 9 PM on the Discovery Channel. I’m told I’m on the first show. I don’t know for how long. The interview was an hour and a half. Once they’re done editing it will probably be about 3.5 minutes. Hahaha, seriously, I have no idea but I am LOOKING FORWARD TO MY FIRST TIME ON CABLE TV! Oh, yeah!!! Unless the camera really does add 10lbs. Then I will not be liking it. Actually, that’s not true either. I don’t care what anyone thinks of my looks, other than Brian. So anyway, I really go on about Esther and how I think she’s full of herself and ripping people off. I can‘t wait for it to air and I really hope Esther is watching. She should have just talked to me…remember, the pen is mightier.

Tune in

Tune in

Brian messaged me his windshield cracked about 15 inches. Just what we needed. Good we have a spare car. I’m over the cold and snow in PA and super jealous of my one friend Leslie. She’s in FL and is always relaxing on her boat taking pictures of the sunset making me want to drive down there and push her into the water. I’d throw her a life preserver.

I’m going out tonight with some girlfriends and meeting up with my son and his fiancée. Going to eat some delicious Thai at Market Street Café in York. They have the most amazing food and reasonable prices. It’s BYOB also. Not the fanciest of places but the food makes up for it. After dinner we are heading to the Waterway Ball & Grill. I’ve never been there. The reviews online didn’t make it sound like much. I’m only going to see Emily’s Toybox lead singer, Mike Wise, perform acoustic. I’m really looking forward to the evening. I should blow up some balloons. Hmmmm.

How was YOUR DAY?

Relaxing a little right now though I should be putting clothes away,



  1. I look forward to you debut on the Amish Mafia

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