India Bound

Christmas Eve n morning 2013 002

This will be my last post while in the United States!  Hard to believe after six months of patient waiting, I am finally leaving for India.  I’m very excited about the trip and the difference I can make in these children’s lives.  Not just me, but our entire class of 15 that is headed across the world for an International Learning Service course through York College of Pennsylvania.

I am grateful for the support of my family, especially my daughter who was very upset when I originally told her I was leaving the country, but she has since come around and is very happy that I am going to help other children who are much less fortunate than she is.  I explained to her that these children don’t have parents that love and care for them like she does.  She wrote me a song and played and sang it on her new keyboard she got from Santa:

“You are going to India and you will have fun with your friends and teach English to children. And Brian and I will miss you very much and we love you.  And you love Jesus Christ…”  God I love this child!!!

I am also very grateful for the support of my boyfriend, Brian.  Boyfriend just doesn’t seem like a strong enough word to describe him.  I am so in love with this man and will miss him to the point that I imagine it will be painful.  When I get back and we make some final changes in our lives, I know we will get married and stay that way for the rest of our lives.

Lastly, but not least, I am grateful for the support of my family and friends.  I saw my sons, mom, sister, nephew and brother last night, just as Christmas day was wrapping up, and got hugs and kisses from all of them.  My friends have already been messaging me and calling with well wishes and warning me not to drink the water….like I don’t know that. LOL

Well, my bestie is here to house sit for me.  Bless you Trisha!  I love you to pieces and I know my dog is in good hands!  And happy birthday in two days!!!

I have 6 magazines and one Clive Barker book, his first book, Imajica.  If you never heard of this book, it’s 854 pages.  LOL

Love and miss all of you on my blog and Facebook!

Here is the website where I’ll be teaching.

The blogsite for my class.

And if I can, I will post on Facebook and my blog!!

Love you!



  1. miss you to the moon and back…

  2. Have a safe, exciting and memorable trip Pattie!!

  3. remember not to eat the salad either as it will have been washed in the water lol

  4. Sorry you were delayed. Have a good trip. Remember, I miss you and love you very much!

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