Hanging at Rutter’s but thinking about India

Now that my life is without internet service, I find myself hanging out at Rutter’s using their free Wifi.  It’s amazing how many people come to Rutter’s that I know…I saw my friend Shae the other day, my best girl Trisha and her granddaughter Keira and even the mayor of Dover, Rick Pope.  Rutter’s is a popular place!

So I’m counting down the days until I leave for India.  I realize most of you all are counting down the days until Christmas.  I’m not that excited about Christmas mainly because: 1. My dad has a wild hair up his ass again and I’m not permitted to go to see my mom   2. I’m broke.

About this shunning, my mom is TORN UP because her and I are tight.  John has the biggest mouth, one that runs like a duck’s ass and he can’t seem to keep himself out of my life.  He loves to call my father and tell him about my personal life, none of which is any business of my father or John and Dale is just a tool who won’t see how he’s getting played by “John the Man” or Heather until he is no longer needed for entertainment purposes…seriously, John doesn’t have any real friends and neither does Dale. (Oh, and LaDonna doesn’t count since she’s getting paid to be there.)  I’m not trying to be mean, just stating the truth.  Both men were always amazed by the number of friends I have.  Hmmm…maybe because I’m a nice person?!  Nothing will make me happier then that day in March 2014 when I’m not longer married to that ass clown.  Well, I imagine I will find the day that makes me happier.  The day I marry Brian will make me happier, but first the ass clown has to exit my marital status.

India will be the furthest I’ve traveled in the world.  A whole new land for me to explore.  I’ve promised Brian I will take as few chances as possible while I’m there.  I tend to enjoy the thrill of danger but I don’t have a death wish.  It’s more like I don’t think God is going to take me off the earth anytime soon.  I promise if I ride a motorcycle in India, I’ll wear a helmet.  HAHAHAHA!  That’s more than I do in Pennsylvania!

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Guess I need to start packing soon!



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