I crawled out from under that rock

Seems like forever since I had the time to post.  Seriously, life has been nearly insane.  Some of that insanity has been, well, horrific, and some of that insanity has been heaven sent.  I guess you could say I’m getting it from both directions.

So here’s what’s been going on–the condensed version.

About 2 months ago, I began talking to my crush from middle school, Brian Copenheaver.  It started out just as chatting on Facebook and catching up on the last 25 years since we graduated dear old Dover High School in 1989.  We laughed online and out of the blue he asked me to lunch which I accepted as the restaurant was right by campus.  Ironically, I cancelled on him that Wednesday because I was sick as a dog and we rescheduled for that Friday.  All I can say is when I saw him in person, I knew I was with the wrong person in life and he said the same thing.  Five days later, we had broken up with our significant others, neither of which took that breaking up very well.

At Brian's family Christmas party.  Brian and his son Matthew, Tesla and I.

At Brian’s family Christmas party. Brian and his son Matthew, Tesla and I.

Mine went much worse than his and finally ended with me filing for a protection from abuse order which was granted and I retained use of my townhouse.  My ex-boyfriend felt it necessary to bring my future ex-husband into the PFA hearing claiming that I was lying about what had happened and in fact I was under no threat of harm.  Obviously the judge did not agree and so with the help of my future ex-husband, my ex-boyfriend moved out using the moving company I helped establish.  Nothing like having to see John walking through my house as I sat across the street taking in the scene.  Now if only Dale would move on in his life and stop bothering my friends and asking out my sister.  Can you say creepy?!

I wish I could say things went much more smoothly after that, but of course, nothing is that easy in my life.  John is still fighting me on seeing Tesla more.  I filed for a modification through the courthouse and then we went to a lawyer mediation.  The lawyer did finally get him to agree to at least letting me see her every other Monday after he has his custody weekend.  John made it contingent on me passing a drug test for street and prescription drugs.  I told him I would pass with flying colors and if he wanted he could test my cholesterol and IQ if that would make him happy.  He told me not to be a smart ass, but I just can’t help myself.

I leave for India the day after Christmas.  It’s going to be doubly as hard now since I’m not just leaving Tesla, but Brian also.  Brian has been amazing with his support during such a difficult time.  Dale and John have gone above and beyond to try to break me, but this girl doesn’t break.  I hold my head high knowing I did not lie in court, nor cheat on Dale.  He can say whatever he wants, words don’t hurt me.  As long as I still see Tesla, I don’t care what names either of them call me.  I have an amazing daughter who adores me and a boyfriend who loves me unconditionally.  I can’t ask for much more.

A while back I swore I would never get married again.  I take it back….once I finally get this divorce, a divorce that has been dragging on since 2008, I would be honored to marry Brian, even if I don’t want to change my last name again. LOL

Tomorrow is my last day of fall classes at York College.  I start my final term in the spring and graduate in May 2014 and I am ready to take on life.  I recently was hired on a rotating schedule by the local newspaper, York Daily Record, and my first article will be about my trip to India.  I am pumped for the future and so in love, I feel like I’m walking on air.

Thank God I kept the dog and got rid of the boyfriend!  Ying loves Brian!

Stay tuned…I’ll be gone for a little, but hope to post while I’m in India.

Peace and Love!



  1. Dogs always know best!!!! I’m so glad you are happy!!! Have a safe, fun, adventure in India!!

  2. people who are unhappy with themselves love making others miserable. you’re a wonderful mother who’s been there for your boys when no one else was. people may not agree with your decisions but they aren’t theirs to make. hugs friend..

  3. Yes, dogs are good judges of character. Thankful you got rid of the right one. Praying for your safe trip and ultimate happiness in life.

  4. Angela Sutton says:

    Hi Patty,
    I’m so glad you’re doing great now. Sometimes we have struggle and through these struggles we come out stronger and better than before. I believe there is a reason we have to go through these times good or bad. I’m also glad you got rid of the bf and kept Ying. Dogs can sense when someone is a bad person. Its really amazing how they just know these things if we couldn’t all be this smart. I’ve learned a lesson or to from my dogs.
    Good luck in India and in your new life with Brian.

  5. Just Some Thoughts says:

    I’ve read through a good bit of your blog. I find it interesting that in a very early post about your failed marriage you said that you believed someone should wrap up their divorce before moving forward with a serious relationship with someone new. You also blogged about how uncomfortable you were with how quickly your daughter was introduced to your ex’s new gf. And yet…you meet up with this long lost friend and immediately throw away your current relationship for him–he does the same–and you’re already talking about marriage only two months in? And your respective children were apparently introduced very early as well? This seems to be just as impulsive and irresponsible as the actions of your ex. And yet you seem so sure that this new man is “the one”…when you’ve thought that about three previous men apparently. It just seems that in another year your followers will be reading about how crazy Brian is despite how in love you are with him now, just as happened with Dale over the course of the year.

    • Life…it’s a learning process.


      • That’s about as shallow a response as your relationships seem to be.

      • It wouldn’t matter what I wrote, it wouldn’t be good enough for you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, a well thought out answer longer than a single sentence would have been more satisfying. But then again, I’m sure deep down inside you know that the person you have such a “perfect romance” with now has just as long a history as you of loving and leaving people once they get bored. It’s what he does, and it’s what you do apparently. So maybe you are meant to be.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh I almost forgot. It’s funny that you make it out as you both “broke it off with your significant others”. I guess that puts you in a lot better light than saying he left his current wife for you (which I guess shouldn’t be surprising, quoting the old adage “once a cheater, always a cheater”) . And I’m sure you wont allow the posting of this comment either, because you prefer to prevent yourself as the victim in life.

    • You may say whatever you would like. I know until now I have never been so happy in a relationship as I am with Brian. I am sorry his previous relationships did not work out. If his first or second marriage would have been “perfect” he wouldn’t have left. I can’t answer for him but I don’t think he left because he was bored, I think he just wasn’t truly happy. I would say I’m sorry my own did not work out but honestly, I’m glad they didn’t because those relationships weren’t healthy and didn’t hold a candle compared to how I feel about this one and Brian. It may have taken 43 years for him and I to realize we are right for each other, but at least we realized it. Staying with someone out of obligation isn’t fair to that person or oneself. We never meant to hurt anyone because we both know what it feels like to be hurt. I am not a mean or selfish person but I realize life is too short to live it unhappy.

  7. It is too bad that some ‘Anonymous’ people have a problem that Pattie and I have been in other relationships before. However, the fact is that we were able to learn from our past and now have an amazing, loving relationship. I feel bad that others are compelled to be critical of us based on past relationships rather than the love we have for each other. I hope ‘anonymous’ can find the happiness that Pattie and I have found.

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