Bones~Aliens in a Spaceship

Pattie Crider

WRT 225.101

Introductory Activity: Bones

September 4, 2013


Cast of Bones

Cast of Bones minus Zack who turned out to be an accomplice to a serial killer.

Character Discipline and Theme Analysis of Bones Season: 2, Episode: 9

“Aliens in a Spaceship”


            The genre of program determines the theme and discipline of the characters. Bones is a crime solving program and the focus is on two disciplines, science and law enforcement. Underlying themes of the program are personal and work relationships, religion and death.  This specific episode featured the antagonist as serial killer who kidnaps two of the protagonists, Bones and Hodge. Through the use of logic, science and technology, the kidnapped scientists are rescued by the FBI agent.

The concept of Bones is a group of geniuses that solve murders through the study of bones. The group works closely with the FBI to determine the perpetrator in hopes of capture. The main cast has unique personalities that create many secondary story lines. This is necessary in all writing. Bones, the main character, is logical and relies on science to answer questions.  She has no higher power belief. Agent Booth, while an expert in catching criminals, relies on his experience, gut feelings and faith in God to achieve his goals. The pair continuously has conflict over religion and underlying emotions for each other.

The remaining sub characters are all scientists but have individual focuses in order to be an important part of this genius group. Angela’s specialty is visual art, recreating what happened to the victims.  Hodge, who is deeply in love with Angela, specializes in chemistry.  Camille, the motherly figure who is having a sexual relationship with Agent Booth, fields the psychological aspects of the criminals and Zack, the baby of the group, is a driven, math genius.

This episode of Bones has re-occurring themes that the cast must tackle, ego being a significant one.  Also significant in this episode is “The Grave Digger,” an “invisible” serial killer, is shown as “God-like” having complete control over his victims and their families.  Bones and Hodges must rely on their brilliance and MacGyver-like skills of survival; they escaped certain death at the hand of the Grave Digger.  Graphic scenes, love confessions, serial killers, explosions, kidnapping and attractive people in well-written stories are popular in the 21st century.  The story line and characters of this program transfer well to television, capturing an audience following.

Not relevant to my paper and not in the version I turn in to my professor.  Angela is smoking hot!


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