8 Hours of Media


Pattie Crider

WRT 320 Digital Writing

Digital Literacy Narrative

September 5, 2013

8 Hours of Media


            What I can clearly see, after documenting specific use of technology is: my life would not be the same without it.  Technology is the vehicle that drives humans. Unless you live in a secluded, undeveloped area of the world, technology has an impact on nearly every moment of the day.

I began using media thirty minutes after waking and used it, nearly continuously, until retiring for the day. In the eight hours I logged, I found it most interesting that my media time frame began with me trying to reach my child and ended with her reaching me, as I left my final class.  I could not live life without personal access to others via my cell phone and the Internet.  I am not alone in this thought. Most of the world could not function as we know it, without the technology humans have created.

I consumed information digitally on my cell phone and laptop through-out the day for classroom information, personal research and interaction with friends and associates. I produced information and shared it worldwide on the Internet and also participated in personal messages by cell phone and computer. While driving to and from campus, I “collected” digital images with the intent of sharing them in the future on the Internet for the enjoyment and education of others. My life is nearly constant in the media in the aspect that I freely share my life with others on my blog site, Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets. My life and approximate whereabouts is available 24 hours a day, 356 days, a year at the touch of any Internet capable device.

Media has become the “auto drive” of my life. I react and use it, without giving thought to losing this technology. I am driven to interact with people all over the world. This sounds rather grand of me, but I am just a speck on the earth that has managed to gain the attention of many other specks populating the earth.  Without having media technology, much of the world would not know of my existence, possibly influencing my career path. My perspective differs from most others. I intentionally “put myself out there” for all to examine and draw their own conclusions. As a writer, this style humanizes me, making others able to relate to me personally and professionally. That “reader to writer” relationship maintains them as dedicated consumers of my daily, never-ending online diary.


Reference: media use log

8 AM Phone call to Tesla- redirected to voice mail.

8:10 Received call from Dale

8:15 Pocket dialed my dentist

8:16 Phone call to Tesla- redirected to voice mail.

8:17 Online: Checked YCP email, Yahoo email, Facebook, Girlboxer1970, Twitter and played Candy (Crack) Crush.

9:30 Texting a friend from high school on my phone

9:35 Took pictures with my digital camera on the way to campus to later post on the “You know you’re from York when,” Facebook Page.

10 AM Watched an episode of the television show Bones through Netflicks in Professor Waddel’s Interdisciplinary Writing course.  Used my cell phone to create enough light to take notes.

10:57 Checked Facebook and text messages.

11:07 Received a text message from another friend from high school.  She would be stopping by my house to drop off clothes for my daughter.  Woot!!

11:30 Internet use in Professsor Carsey’s Rhetorical Theory class.  Viewed a German Sheppard for adoption and applied Pathos to make an argument for why “we should adopt a shelter dog.”

12:05 PM Took digital photos of the campus in order to create a Spartan article and blog post about the changes on campus.

12:30 Online: Checked YCP email, Yahoo email, Facebook, Girlboxer1970, Twitter and played Candy (Crack) Crush.

1:15 Responded to text about clothes being dropped off at my home.

2:30 Checked YCP website to see what room my Geography class was held.

4:02 Received a return phone call from my daughter.

ENDNOTE: At least I’m not hooked on Farmville anymore!


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