Assault Weapons, Bullet Buttons & Thumb Holes

What the hell is going on in Harrisburg and this gun show?

Now a huge event for Harrisburg has been cancelled because so many vendors boycotted the gun show.  They boycotted because:

“Initially, the company that stages the annual Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Harrisburg said it decided to ban the sale of “certain products” (semi-automatic weapons) to avoid attracting attention, given the current debate over gun control and gun safety.” (Harrisburg Patriot)

So people are all fired up at this foreign company for forbidding us American’s to tote whatever gun we choose.  American’s have it in our Constitution that we can bare arms and no one is going to take that from us, especially some British owned company.  How dare they tell us we can’t have assault weapons and huge magazines to load with shells?  Not two bullets, not five bullets, but twenty or thirty or a hundred bullets.

Well, I guess they can because the show is cancelled and may or may not be rescheduled.

When I think about all this, it’s not like the British can say, “Oh we never have someone get trigger happy and take innocent lives.”  There are people all over the world that go off their rocker and shoot-up schools, churches, movie theaters, restaurants, etc.

So I’m a bit wishy-washy.  I know guns don’t kill people, people kill people.  I grew up around guns.  I’ve shot rifles, shot-guns and handguns.  I even owned a handgun at one point.  I’ve never had the urge to shoot anyone my entire life.  And I didn’t even know what a bullet button or thumb hole was.  I do now.

Then, there are those ‘”others” who want to shoot people just for fun or attention or because they are mentally ill.  Sure, they can get a gun illegally, if anyone tries hard enough, they can get a gun too.  It’s the person who kills, not the gun.

Come on, let’s be honest with ourselves.  Do we really want assault weapons available to citizens?  Does anyone not fighting a war or crime need a gun that holds a magazine of shells?  I imagine shooting targets, plastic jugs or if you’re in the Amish Mafia, watermelons, would be a blast with an AK-47 but the reality is we have police and military to carry that type of firearm.

I definitely don’t see a need for assault weapons to be displayed and sold at a giant gun rally held less than an hour from my home.

Wait…it’s cancelled….oh well, I wasn’t attending anyway.

It seems strange to me that vendors would boycott the show, especially companies that didn’t even sell guns to start with.  Yeah, you vendors and speakers were all standing up for our second amendment, I get that.  But now no one is selling anything…not bows, arrows, shotguns, gun cases, scopes, trigger guards, nothing.

I’d give up my second amendment in a heartbeat if it would stop this country from being the most likely place to be killed by a gun.  Think about it.



  1. I am british but I grew up in the countryside where lots of people actually hunt and have shot guns, I am probably gonna start a whole row here now but I was brought up with one very simple concept if you cant make a kill with one shot you have no business holding a gun, now that is actually about hunting but it might explain why so many british people cannot understand why there is the need for automatic or semi automatic weapons unless you want to run round like rambo

  2. I understand this is a very touchy subject but getting the facts right is important, Please tell what you consider an assualt weapon. To me an assualt weapon is a fully automatic weapon that when you pull the trigger it just keeps sending out rounds. The gun at the center of all of this the AR15 is a semi automatic weapon meaning it only fires one round per each pull of the trigger, no different then any other semo aotomatic rifle or handgun. Yes it looks like a “machine gun” but it’s not. In some areas of the coumtry they can be used for hunting.
    The reason vendors pulles out is because they pay good money to be there and are being told what they can and can not display. The AR15 has been around for many, many years and has always been at these kind of shows.
    Yes I understand it seems to be the choose weapon in these shootings but in every one of these shootings the shooter obtained the gun illeaglly. Safe and responable gun owners keep their guns in a safe with trigger locks on them. My question about the Newtown shootings is how did he get his hands on those guns, why didn’t his mom have them locked up?

  3. Automatic weapons were outlawed in the 40’s I believe, so there should be none of those at all. I don’t know what should be done to solve the gun control problem. I don’t know if there IS anything that can be done. Bad people will resort to killing others one way or another.
    Thank you for your comment!

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