Dear Heather~Hey what’s up girlfriend?


Dear Heather,

See, I can even call you girlfriend and it has multiple meanings!

Let me tell you….I am just set on getting this divorce and custody taken back to the York Courthouse.  Tesla is on me every time we are alone about wanting to live with her momma.  She says she wants to live with me 14 days and John 2.  I’m not sure why she calls her dad John.  Weird huh?

It is gut wrenching to have Tesla ask me to please move home with her Daddy.  I didn’t expect John to tell her I told him she said this.  At least he didn’t “freak out” on her as she said he does do.  Tesla tells me about the trips you all take and I’m always happy for her.  I’m glad she likes you.  I’m not glad that she is so damn confused on who is married to who and the whole brother (whose name she can’t remember half the time) and sisters.  Your kids see their dad much more than I see Tesla.  Don’t you find that strange?  Or do you join in on “keeping my visits with Tesla in check?”

I take one day at a time.  Karma is driving a big rig.  He and you can’t dodge divorcing me and your husband.  Maybe your husband would like to marry his longtime girlfriend.  You and John don’t mind holding  everyone else’s lives hostage through your greediness.  You both will have to take whatever a divorce master decrees.  No matter what, I’m looking forward to my day in court and the truth will set me and Tesla free.

Courthouse parking sucks,



  1. personally if I were involved with someone who was dragging his feet about divorcing his ex I would be hitting the highway or at the very least the shit would be hitting the fan after all doesn’t say much about his feelings if he doesn’t actually want a real chance at a fresh start with the new person in his life

  2. Anonymous says:

    Been through ALL of this, court two times….LOTS of money spent and the best part is the Karma is a bitch thing. I just sit back and enjoy the show now. And the Best revenge is living well saying is SOOOO true!!! I live Very well and my kids dad doesn’t!!! His life was supose to get soo much better after he left! His life sucks!!! Pattie we must be twins or related somehow!

    • There are many of us that are put in this hostage situation through divorce proceeding taking years. Heather and her husband and now divorced. He was happy to share that information with me. Now I’m just patiently waiting for my turn at the wheel. Beep Beep!

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