Dear John~Stop contacting my family

Letters he nevers learns from

Dear John,

This is the last straw.  They had to medicate my mother in rehab after your surprise visit.  Or should I call it an attack?  Do not call my parents to take Tesla to them.  They have a daughter (AS IN ME) who will gladly take their granddaughter (TESLA) to see them.

My dad is a drama king, just like you.  It is my mother who suffers.  She doesn’t give a shit if you’re mad at her or not.  What she does give a shit about is you staying out of her physical therapy room, interrupting like you have something important to say.  If my mom talks to Tesla, butt out and let them talk.  You listening in is causing all types of problems.

As far as your refusing to let Tesla and I spend time together over the Thanksgiving break from our schools, you don’t surprise me.  If you feel like it’s a win for you to separate us over extended amounts of time….well that wouldn’t surprise me either.

Stop contacting everyone in my family, including Dale.

Not dearly yours,



  1. OK now this really pisses me off. Hey jackass stay away from mom she is NOT your mother so there is NO reason you need to take Tesla to see her.when Tesla asks to see grandma let Pattie take her. Duh. I mean come on how hard is that one to figure out.

  2. Trisha Brillhart says:

    I’m so pissed i have deleted 20 things that are sailing through my head already and I don’t comment on much but seriously, bounds have been crossed….”john, who the hell do you think you are???? (cant wait for the gf to answer, who he is LOL, as if she ever really gives a new insight….) what gives you the RIGHT to do that, to Pattie, to Tesla, or Pattie’s mother???? Do you really think that you are above everything? Karma will get you…. enjoy your REIGN now because the sun shining on the “dogs” ass is coming to an end” …

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