Mary Kay Holiday Gift Sets~Now Available

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year!  Want to make shopping a breeze?

Each gift set contains Mary Kay products from skin care lines to makeup products and a gift certificate.  Also included are free samples to help decide how to use the gift certificate!

Bags other than the ones shown can be made, ever with a theme at request.  Gift sets for men and women!

Don’t miss out on this easy shopping while my stock is still at hand!

Satin Hands gift sets in full product size for only $20 as a donation towards elderly shut ins.

Thank you for support!

Gift Bag/Certificate sets

1.  4 piece Miracle Time Wise skin care set.  $80     (Valued at $115)

2. Beautiful Eyes gift set. (1)Makeup Remover, (1) Ultimate Mascara (black), (2) Eye Shadow -Peacock Blue & Granite  $35  (Valued at $68)

3. Satin Lips gift set. (1) Satin lips balm (1) Satin lips mask (1) Creme Lipstick  $25  (Valued at $56)

Satin Lips gift set Sweet Nectar Lip creme #3

4. 3 piece Botanical’s Skin Care set $36  (Value $67)

Botanical Skincare set #4

5. Mary Kay Compact Pro case (1) Shy Blush and (1) Applicator  $40  (Valued at $74)

Compact pro holds all her makeup needs #5

6. Time Wise Microderm Scrub. moisturizer and eye cream  $79  (Value $110)

$ Time Wise  Microderm abrasion and moisturizer & firming cream Eye Care gift set #6


7.  Three in One cleanser, makeup remover and blue eye liner   $37  (Value $62)

#7 Time Wise 3 in 1 Cleanser, Makeup remover & Blue denim eye liner

Make your own gift set!  I’m here to help you!  Text me, email me or call!  717-916-0586



  1. Do you still have these items available ?

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