Money makes monsters

I really get tired of hearing how money is so important.  I just need enough money to get by.  There is no burning desire in me to be a millionaire so I don’t live my life as if money is the ultimate goal.

My family is what’s most important to me.  I want to spend as much time with them as possible. (minus Walt)

To those who’s world revolves around the almighty buck, I feel bad for them.

Here is a message I received from a person who used to be a close friend:

Want to insult my show? Fuck off. I just pulled in more money in the last two week than all your welfare checks combined this year. Your website help cost you custody of your daughter and help you meet people who have sex with balloons. I’m meeting millionaires and some of the most influential people within the industry I’m in. My suggestion to you is to shut your big mouth. It’s gotten you in enough trouble.

I made a joke on his wife’s facebook status about his radio show causing his wife to fall asleep and that was what I got from him at 4 AM.

His message is so ill-informed I just had to share it.

1. I have received $0 in welfare.  (If he makes a penny he has me beat)

2. My website had nothing to do with custody.  The judge wouldn’t even let them talk about it after she concluded it wasn’t relevant.

3. I haven’t met anyone who has had sex with a balloon.

4. My mouth isn’t that big.

5. I’m not in any trouble.

My suggestions to him:

1.  Worry about your wife and children more than how many millionaires you meet.

2. Watch your eating habits….you are one fat fucker.

3. Don’t think I won’t tell the world everything you write to me.

4. Your secrets from the wife are about to bite you in the ass so prepare for covering it.

5. Spend time with your kids (instead of sending them permanently or semi-permanently to your parents or her grandparents that you’ve blackmailed rent money from)….millionaires don’t give a shit about you.  After awhile, neither will your wife and kids.


Some people shouldn’t marry or have children.




  1. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to know what radio show so I can boycott it. LOL. you don’t have to say out on here. You know how to get a hold of me. I eat at the Melting Pot. LOL

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