Dumb smoking law

The smoking ban on public housing property has been enacted to law.  If you live in or are visiting someone who receives rent assistance, you must be 25 feet from the rented property to smoke.

This new law doesn’t infringe on anyone’s rights.  There is no right to smoke in a rental home, it is a privilege.  The government isn’t trying to get people on assistance to quit smoking….it is a fire hazard thing.

I get that.  It’s all over the front paper of the York Sunday News and I’m sure most people understand.  When I smoked, I found it annoying when you couldn’t smoke in a bar.  Now that I don’t smoke, it is nice not to be choked with smoke while out for the night.

Here is what I don’t get: “Smokeless tobacco still will be permitted, but electronic cigarettes will be banned.”

Spitting in a cup or on the ground is still ok (Thank God spittoons are a thing of the past) but you can’t puff on flavored water vapors that are completely harmless to everyone?  I had a professor who smoked vapors in the classroom and no one even blinked.  (I did do a double take though.)

So the harmless (it is harmless right?) smoking activity is banned as if it were the same habit that causes cancer, fire, yellow teeth, etc. and spitting is still a disgusting habit that can take place in public housing.

What kind of sense doesn’t that make?



  1. I’ve learned the electronic cigs are not harmless. I should have guessed that I suppose.

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