Just like riding a bike

I bought a Mongoose mountain bike back when I still lived with the man.  He pitched a fit saying I would spend $7,000 on a bike.  The used bike was $75 at the bike shop in Columbia.  I don’t buy anything new if I can help it because I’m thrifty.

I really never got around to riding the bike back then but I’m making up time for it now.  Tesla, Blaine, the neighbor kids and I love riding our bikes.  I’ve been telling Dale he needs to get a hobby for quite some time now.  Out of the blue he jumped on my 12 speed bike and scared the bejesus out of me.  Despite his paralysis on the left-hand side of his body, he was able to ride the bike with ease.

Tesla and I were very impressed, especially after he told us he hadn’t rode a bike since he was a teenager.  I said, “Honey you need to get a bike too!  That would be awesome if you rode bikes with us, ain’t Tesla?”  She chimed in, “Yes….awesome Dale!”

So Dale is looking for his bike.  That really makes me happy as it’s not only good for Dale’s health, it good for our family.  Now we need to teach his son how to ride a bike!

Exercise is great for the heart and brings a family together.

We will give Dale plenty of room while we ride….lol




  1. I have a boys mongoose ill sell ya for 30.00… It’s a 20 speed I think

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