Foam What?

Since I didn’t stay in Georgia, I decided to drive until I couldn’t drive anymore then get a room for the night.  I hadn’t eaten or showered since I left PA and I stunk bad.  Ying didn’t mind though.  One thing about traveling with a dog…at least they don’t mind if you smell and they don’t keep asking if we are there yet.  We stayed at the Blue Jay Motel…a complete dive, but I was allowed to have Ying in my room.  When I took him out in the morning I was startled by all the vultures right outside our room.  I swear they were watching us!

Not Blue Jays

On my way home from Georgia, I made a detour in Virginia to check out the Natural Bridge. I quickly realized the entire town is centered round this bridge.  There was a Natural Bridge zoo, cave, haunted wax museum, café, hotel, etc.  By far, the best Natural Bridge spin-off was the trailer park.

I wanted a picture of this Natural Bridge so I followed the signs to the location.  There was a purple minivan in the parking lot that caught my eye.  Every step I took toward it, the van seemed to shimmer in a different color.  The paint job was awesome….who the hell paints a minivan like this?!

Soccer Mom Minivan

I didn’t see the Natural Bridge of Virginia because they wanted $17 just to walk through the door.  Oh well, I saw the billboard of the Natural Bridge and let’s not forget the trailer park.  There were other things on display from the wax museum so I snapped pictures and was on my way.




My trusty GPS directed me towards the main highway.  I was on a back road about two miles from the highway when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a sign off to my left.  “Foamhenge” I hit the brakes recognizing the name on the sign.  My Religions professor, Christa Shusko, had told me about this foam replica of the Stonehenge located in England but I had no idea where it was located.  I couldn’t pass this up so I turned around and drove up the dirt road.  The further I drove the worse the road became.  There were huge ruts crisscrossing the “road” and I hesitated to keep driving.  I didn’t want to rip the bottom of my car apart after she had so faithfully got me to Georgia.

I parked along the woods so Ying would have some shade.  There just doesn’t seem to be as many trees down south.  I was still shaking my head, amazed I stumbled across Foamhenge by luck.  I even giggled thinking my Prof would be jealous…I saw the Georgia Guidestones and Foamhenge!

Looks like the real deal from a distance….okay maybe not.

I didn’t stay at Foamhenge more than half an hour.  My Facebook status announced I had jumped on a plane with Ying and flown to England.  From a distance, Foamhenge was convincing.  Once I was closer I could see how the weather had worn the foam rocks down.  Pieces of metal, rebar I suppose, were sticking out the top of the rocks.  A couple of the stones had been vandalized but not anything serious.  The foam replica of Stonehenge was very cool.  Not spiritually moving, but cool.  I didn’t realize there was a theory about Merlin moving the huge stones with magic.  I think that sounds more believable than the human theory.


Wizard Merlin

Merlin moving the rocks

Maybe Merlin was an alien wizard….he would have loved the minivan and vultures.


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