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No Angel in this Witch

Around 12:30 this afternoon, my nosey neighbor’s daughter came over to my house (without the yippy white dog) and told me I was to stay away from her mother and her yard, my kids and my little dog too!  Then she said her mother helps out around the complex and I had to listen to what she says.

Next thing I know she says, “I don’t know if you came from the city……blah blah blah”  She lost all respect and attention from me at that exact moment.

We were riding our bikes, playing yard golf, water balloon fights and squirt guns.  No one speaks to the wicked witch on the end but she loves putting her nose in everyone else’s business.  I can’t believe management puts up with her drama.

Last night Angel and her husband Dave were flipping out because I used the outside faucet (there are two on the property and I was told by HER when I moved in we could use it) to put about 2.5 inches of water into a tub for the kids to fill their squirt guns. You would have thought I was trying to fill a fucking swimming pool.  Dave immediately went to get a screwdriver and took the handle off the faucet pausing long enough to call me a bitch in the front yard with the children present.  Why couldn’t they have moved away instead of just to the end of the property?  The move did not put enough distance between them and everyone else still here.

So back to the daughter this afternoon.  In the middle of her rambling, I raised my finger for her to pause, which she did.  Then I answered Tesla’s question about my squirt gun being clogged.  When my attention was back on the wicked witches daughter I said, “You don’t even know me.” and she said, “You don’t know me!”  And began again with me keeping my dog away from Angel’s dog.  Her dog flips out whenever anyone walks by.  I started repeating “Thank you, have a great day.  Thank you, have a great day.  Thank you, have a great day”….and I added a wave.

She finally realized I had dismissed her and wasn’t listening to a damn thing she said.  She huffed off.  Her mom and the maintenance man came over to the next door apartment.  That was just rented but they didn’t move in yet.  I met the new couple and they seem very nice.  They have a 12-year-old daughter.  Tesla will love that.

As Angel and the maintenance man came out of her old home, I could hear her complaining about my plants and table on the back porch.  She has also informed everyone else with kids or grand kids that they should not be riding their bikes in her yard.  We don’t rent the yard so why she is so bent out of shape is beyond me.  As old as she is, you would think she would have something more important to do then play games on her laptop while smoking cigarettes and spying on everyone.

I got a letter in the mail this afternoon.  It said it was brought to managements attention that I am not disposing of my dog’s poop in the trash can.  I rolled my eyes….I do clean up after my dog everyday.  I can’t control the stray cats I see taking a shit back there every day.  Should I scoop their poo too?  I will let management know about the kitty’s use of the backyard.

So today was interesting….at least the daughter didn’t scream in my face, “Do you know who I fucking am?”  because I would have had to say “Nope, beats me who the fuck you are.”

I was tempted to hand her my business card so she could learn all about me.  She left pretty angry because she thought I was laughing at her.  I was laughing, but not at her.  Just the city people comment.

Just her multiple levels of ignorance made crystal clear by implying we were from the city.  I’m not exactly sure what she even means since my home is clean inside and out and we don’t talk in slang.  Hell, living here is closer to a city setting then where I lived most of my life.  I am country girl 99%, but I was born in Philadelphia so that gives me 1% city girl by birth!  😉

See how much that ignorant bitch knew?

Peace, Love and grumpy neighbors,



  1. Jamie Strouse says:

    Babykiller and ass wipe. That is what I call my neighbor. I knew the Babykiller from school which made it difficult to understand how this could happen, but it did. Bitch ran her mouth and found that I don’t take shit from anyone. It turned into a legal matter. I’m waiting for her to really screw up cause I got my shit in

  2. Jamie Strouse says:

    Stupid buttons. Back to what I was saying. I got my documentation in order. Just waiting. She is a liar, shit talker, and mental case. She acted like she was tough, but now she runs into the house like a scared pussy. I could go all day, but life has better things for me to do. If you wanna put people like that in place document everything or confront and put a stop to it right then and there. People don’t like it when they are put on the spot. Or when you can show how they harras, bully

    • I guess there is always a nasty neighbor in the hood. lol I don’t think she will be bother me, my kids or the other neighborhood kids anymore.
      Thanks for the comment! ~P.

      • Anonymous says:

        Think again. Keep away from a 70 year old woman or you will hear from me again. I think anyone out there that has a mom would understand. But you only tell half the story Pattie. But that is ok. People know that there is always twosides to a story and they are only hearing yours. You do not scare nor did you get to me when you were laughing so loud like a little kid. You just made yourself look like one of the kids. You have approached my mother before calling her a bitch while she was just sitting outside. You do things to get under her skin because you act like a child. You can say that people around there don’t like her, but they same the same thing about you. They don’t want involved. You put yourself out there for people to read your life story. So yes i do know you. But you don’t know anything about me. Who i am, where i come from, or what i’m all about. But if you keep messing with my mother, you will know who, where, and what i am all about. That is not a threat. Keep your dog on a leash like everyone else does. If your dog attacks my mothers again, you will lose that dog. And that is sad because i am a big animals lover and it’s not the dogs faught, it’s yours. If you say anything to my mother again, i will call my cop friends to make sure it stops. If you keep posting about this shit talking about me or my mother or what ever goes on around there, i will have that stopped to. I know how to take care of that and you will no longer have a blog. So if you want to tell your life story and put yourself out there like that,be my guess. But leave us out of it.Don’t you have better things to do then to worry about an old lady. Shouldn’t you be trying to get your kids back, get and job so your boyfriend doesn’t have to do everything for you. Be a mother. It is time to grow up. Stop acting like a child. I really feel sorry for your kids. I hope god is watching over them for you.

      • Wow….giggling like a kid. Wait….is she threatening me? I can write about whatever I want.

        Oh, and your mom is a nosy fucking bitch. That’s what I called her. She agreed.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hmmmmm, I live in the city and I can tell you this, city folk don’t get up all in your business. They mind theirs and stay the fuck out of yours. That’s for sure. Yeah, sure we stand on our porches when we are home watching the drama but we sure as hell don’t go getting in it. I’m probably the “richest” one on my block so I have cable. The rest use the drama as a “Days of our Lives” LOL

    • I seriously don’t know where this woman was coming from or why the neighbor thought having her daughter bitch at me in front of our home was necessary….BUT now that I let management know how things are really going down around here, I don’t believe she will return.

      I don’t get in anyone’s business, but this block bitch loves getting into everyone else’s. Days of our Lives…..LMAO!
      Thanks for the comment! ~P.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well Pattie, if you are going to tell a story you should tell the truth about how things were said. First of all, i was very nice to you. Just wanted you to stop giving and all most 70 year old woman a hard time. Which any daughter would do. You right about this shit but you don’t say the things that you say to my mother or how you acted. People should here that. But i will not waste my time writing it. Hope the people that read this link are smart enough to know there is two sides to every story of which you are not telling. And know, the people around there do not have a problem with my mother, they just tell you that cause they don’t want involved. They talk about you just as much. And before you can talk about my mothers dog who does bark at people when they come around, talk about how your dog attacked my mothers dog. Talk about how your dog get out all the time and pissed on people things. You know that the dog are to be taken out back. You even that your dog to piss and shit on people graves in the grave yard. You take flowers out of dead peoples plots. That is so not cool. So you keep thinking that you wont hear from me again. Because you will not as long as you stay away from my mother and her property. But if you say another word like you did a while back like “you are a bitch” and yes other words were said from you but i won’t get into that, then yes little miss boxer, you will see me again. And so everyone knows, you said that to her right out of the blue while she was just sitting outside. And as far as knowing you, you telling everyone your life story, so yes, i do know who and what you are about. But you know nothing about me or who i am. So again, stop writing about me, my mother or anything that has to do with her or i will take this to the next level. You will not have a blog to lie on anymore to other people. And i can have this done. Again, you do not know anything about me. So stay away from my mom and keep your dog on a leash like it’s suppose to be on. Or you will lose that dog. I also will put a call out to friends that are cops and let them know how you bother her and then let them deal with you. So if you think you heard the last from me or you think i am scared of you, well baby girl, i’m not. Keep messing with my mother and you will see how just not scared i am. And just for the record, no i did not walk off in a huff. I did not get to me. I said what i had to say and left. And as far as you laughing, you were laughing so loud like you were a little kid. That is how you act. Like a kid. It’s time to grow up. Act like a grown up and take care of your responsibilies so the man you live with doesn’t have to. I feel sorry for him. He is a nice guy but i think you are there just to use him. Become a MOTHER and get your kids back. Oh and act like their mother and not another little kid on the block. You have your own daughter now acting like you. That’s sad. She should be taught to grow up and respect people and be a nice little girl. I really hope they do well in life and not like the life you have. I fun sorry for your kids. And i hope god is watching over them for you.

    • Clueless. ~P.

    • I prefer God capitalized. ~P.

      • And “I”. I also like when commas are used and actual grammar is utilized, but you can take a rat out of the ghetto but not the ghetto out of a ghetto rat.

        If Pattie does take flowers from graves, wouldn’t that be HER BUSINESS? Isn’t most of your posts “Anonymous” “all up in” Pattie’s business? Don’t you have anything better to do than be her business especially when you have cable? Is there NOTHING on TV?

        Just sayin’.

      • lol I believe anonymous that has cable isn’t anonymous that is the daughter of the antiangel.

        There wasn’t much going on around this development, until I moved in. Apparently all eyes are on me….being a kid with the kids.

        Thanks for the comment! ~P.

    • Sounds like somebody (daughter) has taken too many bites out of the crazy sandwhich! And her spelling is atrocious!

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry RR. Not everyone is perfect. I’m sure your not. And no, not crazy unless you mess with my mother. And Pattie, talk about a nosy fucking bitch, better take a hard look in the mirror. As for meishayuri, if you really think it’s ok to steal flower from a grave site, then you are no better than her. And know ,i’m not all up in her business. She puts it ‘s out their and everyone around there knows it and talks about it. Someone saw her take the flowers. And no Pattie you did not talk to management about us and had something done. Again, another lie for your reading. And if you all think i have nothing better to do than write on this blog, like i should be watching t.v., Well then what the hell are you doing. Because you are on here writing to. Guess your cable is out or there is nothing for you to watch because you are to interested in a strangers blog. Wow, and talk about me. Get a life. I am done with this childish shit. So if you respond to this, anyone one of you’s, well i guess you are no better than her and having nothing better to do with your time. So you can all say what you like about me, but i will not respond to your comments anymore. Pattie you are just not worth it. All i care about is that you say away from my mother. So far you have. Hope the message got through to you.

      • look goofy, I never talk to your mom. She is too busy scuttling around to everyone else telling lies about me. (which I could care less) Furthermore, I didn’t steal flowers from anywhere. What people SEE and what someone is actually doing are two different things. Were you there? Fuck no, so FUCK OFF!
        Is crazy contagious cause it better not spread to the far end of this development.
        I do appreciate all the attention you have drawn to my blog though. Off the wall, uninformed comments and especially all the bad spelling REALLY draws attention. Maybe YOU should go back to school. Don’t like what I write….don’t read it. Duh. I’m assuming you can read, even if your writing sucks ass.

      • Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa!

        Oh, I did talk to management about you and your wacky family. Too wacks don’t make a right.

        (Madly giggling like a 5-year-old who has eaten an entire Easter basket of candy in one setting.)

        Did it occur to you that people read as recreation? Not everyone wants to watch tv. Actually, I believe the smarter you are, the less tv you view.

        I’m not worth it? Awesome….don’t ever cast a shadow on my back steps again. You city peeps are scary looking to us hicks.

        “And Pattie, talk about a nosy fucking bitch, better take a hard look in the mirror.” I don’t have time to nose in anyone’s business. Besides, that’s your momma’s job around here right? Hey Angel isn’t even your moms real name!!! See how much I’m learning suddenly. I didn’t believe anyone would name your mom Angel.

        Anything else you want to bitch about? Oh, wait…that was your last comment. Bummer.

  5. anonymous puts the “fun” in “dysfunctional”….I wonder who she is…..

    • It’s my nosy neighbors daughter. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree….know what I mean Ryan? 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      One more thing. Don’t care if i didn’t spell something right. Because you also are not a writer from what a friend said who is a english teacher. Further, If you want to go there, let’s go there bitch. Now i was being nice to you but all gloves are off. Want to fuck with me little girl, it’s on. You should be worried about what you say and do from now on. And you don’t have a clue as to what can happen to your blog bitch. You are a childish little girl who has not grown up yet. Your blog is stupid. I heard what people say about you from what you right and it is not good. So why don’t you go fuck off. You talk big on here but you can’t talk in person to my face. Wow. So big. I’ll be soon. If you have something to say to me, just come over i’ll be glad to talk to you face to face.

      • Anonymous says:

        And as for not casting a shadow on your door step again, this chick is not a city girl. And talk about dysfunctional, have you seen yourself Pattie? It seem like the only thing you have in life is your blog. Wow, life my suck you. Living with a man who pays all your bills, keeps a roof over your, you don’t have your kids, and god only knows what else is wrong with you.

        You are actually kind of funny. Reading what you post and how you act is very funny. You really sound and act like a kid. Like you are 10 and have nothing better to do with your life but talk about other people on your blog and make waves with people. Is that all life has to offer you? Is this how you spend your day and nights? You think you are a writer. News flash. Your not. But you are really good at lying about things so short stories are right up your alley.

        And say what you want about me. You know nothing about me. And if you think you know what i’m about from what i write, you are so wrong. So keep talking trash about me. Your funny. I need a laugh every now and then. Wasn’t gonna feed into this, but you are something else. But in a funny way. Every time you say something, i start laughing. So keep it up. My friends and family think your a trip as well. They are not sure where you came from. Talk about have fucked neighbors! They said you take the cake.

      • I knew she would comment again! She is falling for my funny act. Lol

        I don’t think I’m a Writer….I know I am. When people read what you write on a regular basis it seals the deal. ~P.

      • You give the best comments! Please don’t stop! My readers LOVE it!!!!!!!

        Seriously ….you asked an English teacher if I was really a writer? You really are spending time on me. How touching. Next we will be dating…

        P.S. I pay the bills around here my grammatically challenged friend…
        if you read my blog you would know that. I don’t depend on anyone but me anymore.

      • More threats…Im sure shes definately scared of you now you stupid bitch!

      • Wow, I love it when life sucks me. It must be nice to have nothing better to do than cyber stalk someone and create imaginary drama. Such a small, meaningless life someone must have to spend time typing up terribly illiterate comments on a blog. I hope you know that Pennsylvania takes a serious stance on cyber stalking and cyber crime in general, especially threats thinly veiled in your posts, Anonymous. Keep going on though, I’ll eventually hand you the noose that will hang you for terroristic threats.

        Go long, girl! Go long!

  6. Old friend says:

    You pay the bills? With what income, money, welfare, church donations or savings? If you have money why do you not claim it on taxes, with the welfare office, or at domestic relations? You have money for a trip to GA but none to support your daughter? You provide what for your child? It’s not healthy meals, respectable clothes, sports, health insurance or an environment that gives morals and standards for her to learn from. So we are all wondering what to you give her. And how do YOU pay your bills?

    To the wonderful neighbor’s daughter… AMEN SISTER you hit Pattie on the head, but don’t waste your energy she is ALWAYS right due to her mental illness and since she refuses to take her medication or follow the doctors’ orders, there is no hope for her. Her blog borders on soft porn and violates all kinds of laws in regards to the right of privacy of children.

    It is time more outside people step up and refuse to let this women lie her way to free money or get away with her lies. We all have a duty as citizens to call welfare fraud where she claims all her children live there, animal control about the bite, leash law, and leaving that poor dog in the car all day while she’s off playing. Call the York housing authority and police about harassment and destruction of property, the IRS about income claims, report the drug use at her home and last children and youth about endangering a minor. It’s not hard to understand why she lost custody or see why she will never get it back.

    She’s on our prayer list at church, please add her to yours.

    • Your comment is so Christian like. I like how you know what my illnesses are and that I don’t follow my doctors orders. Are you in my pocket and I didn’t know? Prayer list is good but you should add yourself as you have a cruel side that God would probably frown on.

      It’s really eye opening how you want to encourage people to “turn me in.”

      Judas…..Thanks for your wildly off base comment!!!!

    • Really Mary?

    • Yeah, so Christianly of you to mention how you’re praying for her. I wonder if your church prays for you considering you’re an adulterer and living in sin. Let’s forget all that though because your God ignores the fact that you’re a divorcee and a consistent liar on so many levels it’s actually funny to watch you dispensing them like gumballs. We haven’t put a quarter in you, yet you just keep on spitting. You not only live in sin, but you perpetuate sin by casting judgement on others when Jesus clearly told you not to. On top of that you ignore that he said the two most important commandments were to love your neighbor as yourself and love god. By the way you yip in your posts only reveals what kind Christian you are. You’re the kind with a log in your eye.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for stepping up old friend. It’s nice to see that there is someone else who see her for what she is.

    • Haters….if I was really like old friend and bitchy neighbor’s kid says, no one would talk to me. Ya’ll are just haters cause I love life! ~P.

      Nice to see haters read too though!

      • They are little children and are beneath you. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the two knew each other and got together on Wednesdays to discuss which word to misspell next or which identifier shouldn’t be a capital letter. Then they do a couple of shots, tell each other how much better they are compared to whomever’s picture they pulled out of Douchebag’s g-string, do some more shots, order a pizza with extra cheese, and count each other’s pubic hairs.

      • I all but pee my pants when I read your comments. Sheeeeeesh! LMAO

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