One graduates high school, the other kindergarten

It’s officially June 6th…a new day, even if I haven’t shuffled my ass up to bed.  This felt like a runaway day.  Woke up, made coffee, walked Ying, talked to the maintenance guy about my smoke detector, got a shower, went to Tesla’s classroom play.  The kids also read aloud the books they wrote and illustrated.  Tesla wrote about horses and when her dad rode one.  It was very cute.  She did a great job both in the play as a bear and reading her horse story.  Ms. Dettinger had a brief conversation with me privately and I left giving Tesla a hug and kiss and told her I would see her later for her brother’s graduation.  A little while later Ms. Dettinger sent me a text message that the costume parts were hers, not Tesla’s.  Instead of turning around, I stopped at John’s to drop it off.  No one was home so I let it hanging on the door knob.

Horses by Tesla Delauter

About fifteen minutes  prior to Dale and I leaving for Zman to get that diploma, John calls me.  He’s pressing trespassing charges against me for going into our house.  He said he has an “eye-witness” that saw me enter the house.  I told him I’ll take a lie detector test and his “eye witness” can take one and we will see who is lying.  He told me to explain that to the police.   Whatever.

We took Zeth out for dinner, he was hungry for a medium rare steak….I couldn’t get Tesla until 5:30 but then the place got busy and we needed to get going.  John texted asking me if I was going to feed Tesla.  Keep in mind, I asked several times to get her after school.  I had been told originally I couldn’t even take Tesla to her brother’s graduation.  I wrote back she could eat my chicken fingers and we arrived for Tesla at 5:45.

I signed the paper stating I was allowed to have Tesla from 5:30 until 8:30.  The line to the school entrance was so backed-up, Zeth jumped out and walked….he beat us there.  Graduation was packed to the gills.  We parked in the grass in the furthest parking lot at the middle school and walked to the high school.  My dad rolled my mom over with us (she is in a wheelchair) and we settled into the track area at 6:55.

Soon the graduates walked by and I snapped a picture of Zeth.  The ceremony was hard to hear, but the music sounded great.  We saw Zeth get his empty diploma holder and I video-taped all the student tossing their caps.  At 8:50 I texted John we would be leaving soon and it is unbelievably crowed.

Tesla was very proud of her big brother

It was a very long ceremony, from 7pm until 9:15, then we had to wait for Zeth to find his dad and step-mom and make his way back to us.  He had a gift for my mom he made in wood shop.  It was a beautiful clock, hand-made and painted by him.  We walked back to the car ….that took 20 minutes and finally we hit the road to take Tesla back to John.

Dropped of Tesla with no problems and headed back home.  We passed John on the way home.  I’m guessing he was in his elf outfit for softball.  I really didn’t give it much thought other than “he wasn’t going to let me have Tesla for Zeth’s graduation but he’s out playing softball.”  Dale and I hadn’t even been on the road fifteen minutes when John sent me a text, “I’ll be notifying my attorney that you broke the custody agreement.”

I responded with “bitter man” because that’s what this is about.  His personal vendetta: charging me with trespassing for dropping off our daughter’s costume from her play and contempt for running later than 8:30 for Zeth’s graduaton.

Cops on speed dial 1, his lawyer on 2.



  1. I remember when I went to school, and even in dealing with some siblings, that around the ages of 9-12 there was need to either tell on me for doing something wrong or I would get a earful about breaking some rule between me and someone else. Then in high school, the catty bitches would love to get me into trouble as I was Ms. Popularity and often I would wind up on the shitty end of the stick in detention. Either way, as I grew into adulthood, this kind of tit-for-tat thing stopped happening and I lived my life in relative peace and harmony. Apparently, for the Douchebag anyway, he never grew beyond this childish little whining like a miffed girl who found out her besty was flirting with her boyfriend and then failed to have a hall pass to pee.

    He’s like a little yip dog, barking and barking so he looks mean and tough. Once you’re in the house and sitting down, he’ll either hump your leg or pee on you, depending solely upon his mood. Today, it looks like Douchebag felt like peeing on you. I suggest rolling up some newspaper and beating him with it.

  2. This wins, hands down… comment ever on my blogsite. (unless I count those comments from Heather) LOL ~P.

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