This is what I mean!

I didn’t see Tesla at school today.  I wrote that earlier.

I guess no one read that blog yet.

Called twice to talk to Tesla before soccer.  Voicemail.

7:30 Tesla returned my call but I was outside.

I return her call and tried to talk with her.  It’s so noisy with Heather and children in the background I could barely make out what she is saying.

She asked if I can get her tomorrow.  I told her I would talk to her dad.  She said that her dad wasn’t home.  He was, because she had his phone.

I’m guessing Heather fetched him because he did eventually answer.

I asked him when his game is tomorrow.  He didn’t know.

Can I see Tesla tomorrow?  He didn’t know what his schedule is.

I asked him why it mattered what his schedule was when I only want to see Tesla.  He responded with, “Didn’t you see her at school today.”   I replied, “Wrong” making a buzzer sound and followed it with, “next?”

John thinks he knows everything.  Even if I did see Tesla today, volunteering in her class, why stop me from spending individual time her the next day?

His follow-up to the school comment….”well you saw her over the weekend.”  He says this in front of Tesla.

How is this not purposely keeping Tesla from spending time with me?

As John and Heather like to tell me, “take it to the courthouse.”

Like I don’t spend enough time in the courthouse with John and Heather.  I even have promises from Heather for a future court hearing.

How about just loosening the grip you two have on Tesla?

Your daily drama does affect Tesla….and probably all the other children in the house.

Dr. Phil….help!




  1. I think it is really time to get Douchebag on track and see if you can’t take him back to court for custody. This control he has over Tesla is only serving to make you miserable, which was his goal all along. And fuck the Douchenozzle in her nose with a rake.

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