When life wears you down

Life is no piece of cake.  It is not a picnic, nor a party.

Life is gruelling in many ways.  You must mix with others as you go about your day.  Trying to stick to a schedule.  It’s not easy.

Today I rode my motorcycle all the way across the county to volunteer in my daughter’s kindergarten class.  I noticed her father’s truck in the parking lot as I walked to the school entrance.  The secretary buzzed me in and I went to the office to sign the visitor book.  As soon as I walked in Mrs. Shields said, “What can I help you with?”   That’s when I knew something was awry.

Apparently there was a memo sent out by Ms. Dettinger that there would be no more volunteering in her classroom and to disregard the volunteer schedule she had previously given to parents.  I didn’t get the memo.  Either it wasn’t passed on to me or it was mixed in with all the other papers that I missed it.  I asked if I could walk over to the class and say hi but I was denied.  After telling Tesla I was coming in, I felt like shit that I couldn’t even say hi to the class.

What I was thinking was, why is John here?  Yesterday he was working at 7pm and sent Heather to get Tesla.  Today he’s at the school?

Ms. Sinclair was outside eating lunch and called my name.  She is Ms. Dettinger’s teaching assistant.  I walked over to the picnic table and she said, “Didn’t you get the memo?  I sent two home with Tesla.”  I said I didn’t and nothing had been said to me about it.  Next, Ms. Sinclair asked, “What’s her dad doing here?” and I responded, “I have no idea.”

My guess, volunteering in Heather’s kids class……



  1. You seriously need to consider that perhaps Douchebag and Douchenozzle are not taking the proper care of Tesla. You need to stop and gather all the evidence you possibly can, start calling him out when he’s rude about contacting or seeing Tesla, and you need to see if your lawyer will allow you to make a payment plan so this can end. I would also suggest getting a small part-time job if you can doing something particular to your degree.

  2. nethideaway says:

    Maybe Ms. Dettinger has read this blog.

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