Dear John~ so sorry

Letters he never learn from

Dear John,

I am SO sorry Tesla didn’t do her homework paper while she was with me this weekend.  We did practice her math, spelling, writing, cutting, pasting, and reading.  The homework was very basic.  Just X out the pictures that don’t start with J and color the ones that do.  That should take Tesla about 2 minutes.  Remind her to write her name on it as she forgets that regularly than doesn’t get credit for doing her homework.  See….non-crisis resolved, Drama King.

What I don’t get is why you feel the need to drive into the townhouses parking area through the exit to chew me a new ass over a two-minute homework paper.  Don’t you realize if you want to tear me a new ass over a homework paper that Tesla knows she needed to do, that’s fine.  Call me after you get home or email or text message me.  You can record yourself bitching at me if you would like.  That way I’ll get the full-blown message, including your scowls and arm-crossing, hand-waving and of course, that Mickey Mouse voice that pops up every time you are aggravated or excited.  Hell, record Heather rolling her eyes and shaking her head at what a failure I am at caring for Tesla this weekend.  Maybe then you two will see how stupid you look.

Your actions only make Tesla feel bad.  Why?  Because she will feel guilty for waiting to do her homework until after she went back with you.  I told her it was fine, she just had to make sure she did it and put her name on it.  We had a very busy weekend with friends and family.  I’ll blog about it eventually.  I know you don’t care, but we had the most fantastic weekend.  It went to quickly.

Here are a few things Tesla said this weekend:

“I don’t want to call my dad.”

“Dad says I can’t call you sometimes.”

“I won’t see you on Easter because Daddy said no.” (This she said on her own BEFORE I even asked you if we could split Easter and she stay overnight to Monday.”

“Dad said to Heather, “I work all day, I don’t want to have to come home and cook too.”

So maybe instead of flipping out over something that is just not worthy of the drama, focus on what your child is saying.  I know she will get her homework done.  What I don’t is how much longer she will respect you for all the drama you and Heather make.  Heather with her “don’t talk to my kids, my kids aren’t going to Tesla’s birthday party.”  What kind of attitude is that?

What I write on my blog is my opinion and I don’t voice my opinions to Tesla.  You on the other hand, actively force your opinions on Tesla by acting like an immature child and pitching a bitch fit in front of her.  Though you swear you don’t, I know you read my blog as you enjoy quoting me.  I know what I wrote, you don’t have to quote me.

Next time, just bitch to Heather.  She’s the only person who wants to hear your squeaky voice.



Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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