Delauter/Crider ~Custody Order

Here’s all 12 pages.  Free Advice Welcome!  🙂   OXOX ~P.


  1. cassee01 says:

    I find it interesting that the being late only applies to you? Seems a little discriminatory. What if he is late picking her up? You just have to sit an wait?

  2. Limited contact with you is not provided for in this custody order. Three phone calls per week unless Tesla wants more is granted in this custody order as long as you put it in writing. It is important for you to maintain that Tesla wanting to contact you by phone more than what is detailed in the order in writing to Douchebag is completely reasonable and acceptable. If Douchebag declines to sign the change, it is in your best interests to engage the court as he is not being reasonable with his custodianship. Simply: put it in writing that Tesla wants to contact you more than three times per week and if he refuses to agree, you can take him to court about it because he is not being reasonable. Also, any time Douchenozzle transports Tesla to your home or is the only one home when you pick Tesla up, I would have her sign a piece of paper stating she was home when the exchange took place. He is supposed to be the one doing that and any third party doing so has to be agreed by both of you at the time of exchange. You can’t be too bold in attending all of Tesla’s activities, as according to this order, you have the right to attend them as her parent no matter what Douchenozzle and Douchebag say. The next time Douchenozzle says “Don’t talk to my kids” have her sign a statement to that effect as she is being unreasonable as a third party. Douchebag wants you to sign papers every time you pick up Tesla, have both of them sign papers of that effect also. Build a paper trail that will make it easier for you to obtain custody when it is time for you to take him to court for a new order. Do not, under any circumstances, let him make the rules outside of this court order. There is NOTHING in this order that states you have to sign something every time you pick up Tesla. If he fails to give you care of Tesla as designed in the order, you do have the right to call the police in which to enforce the order. Every time you call the police to enforce the order, keep the police report yourself and DO NOT GIVE IT TO DOUCHEBAG or DOUCHENOZZLE under any circumstances. If he requires ownership of the police report in order to release Tesla into your care, call the police again as that is unreasonable. Exercise your rights as parent in this order.

    • It’s just an endless. I don’t want to have to call the police. I don’t want to disappoint Tesla everytime she sees me because I can’t actually “spend time” with her.

      According to John, he can say who can have care of Tesla if he is not available. What pisses me off is it should say, if he isn’t available, I should be the first person he contacts to take his place. Not whomever he is currently sleeping with.

  3. Jennifer Bowers says:

    All this custody bullshit is sickening. It says right in the order BOTH parties are to listen to and consider the wishes of Tesla. Why does he think that he is somehow exempt from this?? I think in any case if a child is old enough to say who she wants to live with this should be taken into consideration. I will never understand the custody system in this wonderful county.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Seems to me after reading your order that the Judge felt you should have limited contact with your daughter.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I read through the legal custody. I have been through two divorces growing up so I hope things work out for you and Tesla. I had a two week stay alternating with each parent. The week and weekend swap during school year could get confusing. Does she have your cell memorized and a backup encase your unreachable like a grandma or relative?

    • My first marriage we did week on week off and it worked well, but we lived close enough to each other that it was never a problem. My sons went to school from my address and their father and I got along fine when it came to the boys.
      At this point, Tesla doesn’t have any phone numbers memorized. The school has been teaching her the moving office phone number and if no one is there John usually has the number forwarded to his phone.
      Thank you for your comment! ~P.

  6. cassee01 says:

    I agree with the commenter who was talking about documentation – you really need to communicate with “John” via text/email only that way everything is in writing – too bad that isn’t in your custody order. Anytime you are going to be around him face to face carry a voice recorder and start recording before you and he come face to face – say something like March 23, 2012 8:00 am exchanging Tesla or whatever the case may be – everything needs to be documented. Every time a phone call is missed every time you send a message requesting a phone call. This is the only way you will prevail against the crazy.

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