College, kids and soccer

It’s 8:15 PM and I’ve finally sat down in a comfortable seat for the first time today.  It feels good.

<Big pause in typing while I relax and let my hands rest on the keyboard. >

My day started off with Geography, a class I happen to enjoy.

<Currently failing, but I have faith I can fix that.>

We took a quiz and I think I passed.  I’ll know on Friday.

<Did the extra credit map for an extra 22 possible points.>

Next was Information Literacy (or IFL) which is a relatively informative and interesting computer class.

<The girl next to me is prego.  She has terrible breath.  I feel bad for her, the girl to her right, and me.>

I am doing a little presentation on Identity Theft for extra credit.

<The guy next to me looks at cars and car parts almost the entire class.>

So far only one other person has signed up.  I guess no one needs the extra credit.

<Unless you don’t show up for class, there is no way to fail.  Car Dude with pass with no problems.>

We could even work with a partner, which I think is ridiculous.

<I’d ask Prego, but her breath would probably kill me.>

I had a hot dog at the Chemistry Club’s Weenie Wednesday stand.  $1 hotdogs and they’re all beef.

<They never have any burned dogs!  I like my dogs burnt and very crispy.>

In the Professional Writing Studio, I worked on my Spanish presentation.

<Me llamo Rosetta Ramirez…>

I printed some research questionnaires about balloons.

<I think balloons are sexy.  Who doesn’t love balloons?>

I chatted with some friends who were also hanging out in the studio.

<We must band together to fight the Writing Lab Trolls!>

Ying and I took several walks around campus because we both need the exercise.

<Well, I need the exercise.  Ying is a skinny rat dog.>

Five and one half hours later I went to my daughter’s soccer practice.

<It was hard as hell to find her team.  The coach didn’t give out the t-shirts at the beginning of practice.>

I watched her practice and signed up to provide a snack at a future game.

<Heather, the coaches’ girlfriend came over and gave me a schedule and hit me up for the snack list.>

Tesla did really well with the ball and following the directions of the coach.

<The pink cleats she got from a friend were adorable.  Her daddy didn’t have to buy new ones after all.>

The coach did a great job considering he’s never coached soccer before.

<He’s a better softball player, everyone would agree, including him.>

I was proud of the coach.  I could tell he was giving it his all.

<There was a knee brace on his left leg.  A softball injury?>

He really enjoyed having all these children run around him, carrying out his directions.

<Let me tell you, this coach is very good at giving directions.>

The coaches’ girlfriend left, no one noticed but me, and maybe the coach.

<Heather isn’t the Head Soccer Mom for the purple team.>

After practice I hung around until there was no one left but Heather’s daughter, Tesla and John.

<Bria is adorable.  She always says hello to me.>

The four of us walked towards the parking lot.

<Tesla said to Bria, “you can’t drink my mom’s iced tea because you don’t have the same germs.”

It was a very long walk and Tesla held my hand.

<Tesla said to me, “you and Daddy have the same germs.>

My other hand was full or I believe Bria would have wanted to hold it.

<I giggled and said, “Mommy’s germs mixed with Daddy’s germs and that made you!”>

Tesla and Bria laughed like crazy at that statement.

<Tesla said to John, “isn’t Mommy funny Daddy?”  “Yeah, she’s funny.” John replied.>

John and I held conversation on the way to the truck.  We can be civil.

<Well, I think we can.  There are days I have my doubts.  Deep down, he misses me.  LOL>

I said goodbye to Tesla (and Bria) and asked John if he would send a note in to school Friday.

<I held my breath, waiting to hear his answer.>

He hesitated briefly and I said, “John, please send a note so I can get her Friday after class.”

<Don’t you dare say no in front of Tesla and Bria….>

He replied, “yes, I’ll send in the note.”

<Do I miss John?  There are times I do.  Especially when it comes to watching him play sports.>

“Thank you,” I replied.  “What happened to your truck?” I asked, noticing the damage to the rear.

<Didn’t surprise me to see the damage.  He can be very careless when driving.>

“I hit Ladonna’s car.”

<Is working as a secretary for John really worth the stress and drama?>

I went my way and my child, husband and husband’s girlfriend’s daughter went the other.

<I feel ripped off on so many levels by this marriage.  Thank God for blogging.>


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