Dear John~ Live within your means

Dear John,

The title of this blog may need explanation.  You see, when the mortgages are up to $6,000 behind, it boggles my mind that you continue to spend money like it grew on trees.

Reality is you and Tess can’t afford to live in our house with Heather and her children.  If you could afford it I wouldn’t get notices informing me how far behind the mortgages are.  You may want to forget about me, but all those debt collectors surely don’t.

Now with all this money being owed to so many companies, banks, people, etc. I would have thought you would cut back on all the extra-curricular activities and explain to Heather (and kidlings) that there is no money for it.  You might have to find inexpensive ways to entertain your clan.  Gymnastics, dance, soccer, horse-back riding lessons, swimming lessons….all you or Heather’s ideas, are costly.  Are you afraid they won’t love you if you don’t buy or pay for material goods and fun lessons?

I haven’t had money to throw around in years and to be honest with you, neither have you!  You are the only person who doesn’t seem to understand that.  Even LaDonna advised you to stop spending money…not that you would listen LaDonna or anyone else for that matter.  You don’t even listen to your daughter when she asks you repeatedly if she can see her Mommy.

Last night and this morning I tried to talk to you about me just seeing Tesla for a couple hours tonight.  You said she was too busy doing homework and then you are all going for new soccer cleats.  Practices start on Wednesday. will the kids on the team call you Coach John?

I don’t consider watching Tesla practice anything as quality time for her and I.  I would say as her coach, John, this is quality time for you two.  What I don’t get (other than you are selfish) is why I can’t get Tesla on Tuesdays and Thursdays when you play softball.  She should be able to chose if she wants to spend time with her Mom while her Dad plays softball (and I know some games a~re late.  Remember I always went to your ball games?)

Get over yourself, you pee pee head,


Update:  John made a payment on the secound mortgage earlier in December.  John and Heather went on vacation right before Christmas.    That was the last payment until March and it’s still way behind.  Sigh.



  1. Jennifer Bowers says:

    REALLY???? how does someone fall 6,000 dollars behind on their mortgage?? I really don’t get it?? This douche bag really needs to get a life and listen to his daughter. Children are smart and they are able to make decisions about what they want in life. Yes they do need guidance from their parent on making healthy decisions. However, from what I can tell Tesla is pretty good at making healthy decisions like, “I want to see my mommy!” This is a normal and healthy decision for a child to make. John, you really need to take a step back and observe what you are doing to your child. And for what? So that you can have some miniscule drop of control over Patty?? The person you are hurting the most is your precious daughter!!! why do the pieces of shit, like yourself, in this world not understand this?? Your children are not your belongings that you get to control. They are their own people with brains and feelings and one day she will look at you a call you out for the low down dirty piece of shit that you are. Get a grip on thing put on your big boy pants and be a MAN. And just incase you need to be told a MAN is someone of the male persuasion who owns up to his mistakes. Lives an honest life and considers other peoples (especially your child) needs before their own. You sir are a limp dick peanuts for balls PUSSY who is afraid of losing control. What you don’t realize is control is not what makes you a man.
    Whew I could go on and on but I think that is enough for now. (nor if only my limp dick peanut testicled pussy would learn this shit too)

  2. Again, proof of John’s inability to get proper amounts of vagina without paying has reared its ugly head. Must be nice to shirk responsibility for the sake of entertaining a complete moron and her spawn in order to keep the vagina preoccupied until somehow her remaining neuron actually learns you’re a piece of shit, Douchebag. I’m sure that after a review of your obviously failing business venture, business hasn’t been doing that well for you. Surprised, Douchebag? You shouldn’t be. You continue to make errors because you are a walking error, failure at life, and immature little man struggling in a big man world. You and your Douchnozzle probably have what, like two and half working neurons between the two of you, each of which is preoccupied with controlling your breathing and heartbeat to be much use to either of you. So sad that you and your vagina are such wastes of flesh, unable to actually yawn up to being real adults and having responsibility. You are too busy with keeping your little trophies all lined up that you fail to realize that there’s more to love and devotion than dispensing money and keeping control of your possessions. You never stopped to realize that once the money, control, and possessive love becomes completely obvious to your victims you will grow old and be all alone. The only thing you’ve ever really cared about was finding an adequately sized hole to stick your penis in, controlling the people you love as though they were things and not people, and being a vengeful little man to destroy those who realized what you are all about. Just another overcompensation for your smallness, your insignificant contribution to anything positive, and your inability to love anything beyond your tiny, grape-like, scrotum and penis.

  3. Jennifer Bowers says:

    Seems like we are all in agreement on the size of douche bags testicles LMAO

    • You guys comments get me through all this drama with giggles instead of tears.

      • Jennifer Bowers says:

        With all the bullshit you are going through it is ever so important to giggle as much as you can. Never let grape nuts get the best of you. You are better then him. Enjoy the time you get with Tesla and talk to her as much as it will let you and savor the memories you make with her!!

      • We are here for you, Pattie. F**k both of them with a large stick covered with coarse sandpaper. I can’t stand that Douchebag or his Douchenozzle, what they are doing to you and Tesla is wrong. The Karma Train will eventually run them down, I just hope there will be no collateral damage when it does.

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