Dear John~Bitterman

Dear John,

You are the former love of my life.

Let’s just be honest here.  Now you are a bitter man.

It’s the only explanation I can come up with that makes sense.

Why else, when I request to see our child would you refuse?

Yesterday you said Tesla had nothing going on after school today that I could “go to watch”.  I asked then to have Tesla after school and immediately you said “We’re to busy, the other kids have lacrosse and ….”  When you were done with your lame ass answer to why Tesla couldn’t go with me I said, “I don’t care what Heather’s kids are doing, I want to see my kid.”

So this afternoon I texted you about getting Tesla and you texted back, “We have plans tonight.”

Me- You said tt didn’t have anything going on…the other kids did.”

J-“I forgot we have company coming over for dinner tonight.”

Me-Yeah…it was SO important u forgot about it.  Like Tesla would care either if she were given the opportunity to say what she wants to do tonight…anyone can see u r keeping tt from me.”

J-“and can’t you see that I make exceptions to the order all the time.”

Me-Not really.  She could spend more time with me.  It would not hurt anyone.  Not that u would agree.

J-“apparently you never read the order in which states every other weekend.”

Me- Yes..but that can be changed so she can see me more.  U can explain y she isn’t allowed to see me more.  I know why…cause u feel u must control people.  Ur selfish and bitter.

I didn’t get any response after that.  He feels the court order entitles him to limit our time together.

So John…let’s see how much time you have allowed Tesla to see me (as long as I signed a paper stating I understand this is not something that you will allow to happen regularly because you wouldn’t want a pattern forming of your child spending time with her mother.)

Adding up all the hours you have allowed me to spend with Tesla, without you present since this custody order was put in place in November comes to a grand total of: 15 hours  It’s all documented to keep me in my place.

You “allowed” Tesla and I 15 hours together, always under the condition that I return her to our house by the stated time or you will notify the police.  Really, it does feel like I pick her up from prison and return her to her warden.  John, your law enforcement career ended years ago.  You aren’t a prison guard anymore….stop treating the people in your life like they are your ward.

Still doing time,



  1. You need a new lawyer

  2. Alright, it’s time that you posted the order. Seriously. I don’t think it means what he thinks it means, and if I can’t see it, then I will continue to uphold that a mother belongs in the life of a child just like a father does should a mother get custody. The order will not change the fact that Douchebag is a douchebag and Douchenozzle is a douche nozzle, but I need to see the order. Message me on FB and I will give you my email address.

    Here’s the thing: (A) I find it difficult to believe that the order is this restrictive, (B) Douchebag does not love people or view them as capable of reasonable, independent thought; he considers everyone an object in which he has the tightest control, (C) Douchebag is obviously either poorly endowed and overcompensationg or takes viagra to admire his erection in a mirror, (D) If one were to shove a piece of coal up his ass, in days it would turn to a diamond, and (E) Douchebag is making you pay for leaving him, embarrassing him, and injuring his fragile manliness since he probably hasn’t really seen his Wee Wee in a couple years or more.

    Just sayin’.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I would think a father would be thrilled that mom wants to see their child.

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