Soooo quiet

Tesla went with her dad. It’s sooo quiet here. 😦

Her leaving went smoothly tonight. Unlike other nights.

John and/or Heather and/or kids seem compelled to accompany Tesla during the exchange. Sometimes all the way up to my car, parked at the top of the driveway. When John comes to get Tesla, I don’t even go to the door. This is much less stressful for Tesla and me. I am proud of her for sucking it up with all that goes on around her. Every time we are together Tesla drills me on why she can’t live with me. I tell her I am working on something with my lawyer to change that.

In the meantime, we must enjoy the time that we have together, not argue and practice using our patience. This part sounds very familiar, maybe because I had a similar conversation with her father years ago….so much for that speech working on the other Delauter.

Tesla told me she is remaining hopeful that she can change schools next year. Ok, she didn’t say it that way but she got the point across. I remain hopeful that a Divorce Master will finalize this divorce and the dust will settle. Only then can I really begin to plan for Tesla and my future.


Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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