Vegas Strip

It’s 2 AM and I’m not real sleepy.  I’ve been sleeping off food poisoning for the past two days.

My friend Laurie has me hooked on Angry Birds on Facebook.  Laurie doesn’t know she started me on this version.  I think my sister Suz was the first to show me Angry Birds.  Thanks Suz,  I think.

While I’m playing, this show Vegas Strip is on tv.  It’s a reality show in Vegas following the police.  I am half paying attention.  I’ve been to Vegas several times with John and it is certainly an amazing city.

A police officer pulls over a truck that was driving slowly beside a woman, thinking hooker/jon.  She was actually the man’s wife and didn’t want to get in the truck with him because she was so pissed off.  He had lost $200 at a casino and she was irate and drunk.  I started to pay closer attention to the tv because it made me think of the time in Vegas that John lost $1000 in one hand of cards.  I was also irate, just not drunk.

The female officer was talking to the wife and told her she had a right to be mad at him.  The wife said, “My husband say, get in the truck, they think I’m hookering.”  The female officer giggled at that.

Next the wife said, “I know it’s not going to work with him.  I love him but I hate him.”  Wow, I could so relate to what this woman was saying.  The female officer asked why stay and she gave the classic answer, “for our kids.  Sixteen years with that man.”

There were no charges filed against wife and hubby.  The female officer looked genuinely concerned for the wife while the male officer encouraged her to kiss and make up with her husband.  The husband made his wife feel guilty and convinced her to give him a kiss and get in the truck.  As the couple drove away the male officer said, “They kissed and made up, a happy ending after all.”  The female officer looked at him like he was crazy.

Now, I can’t imagine being in a relationship with John anymore.  Why?  Because I loved him, but I didn’t like him.  How does that make sense?  I don’t know.

He just can’t guilt me anymore.


Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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