Is she sick?

I went to gymnastics tonight, looking forward to seeing Tesla practice.  I arrived early and was working on my Spanish while I waited for Tesla to arrive with her father. (Originally, I thought I would get her after school.  That was not permitted.)  Then I thought I would at least get to drive her home  after practice.

Well, that didn’t happen either.  At 5:52 PM I get a text from John.

“No gymnastics tonight all children have upset stomachs.”

Are you serious?  Eight minutes before gymnastics starts he texts me they aren’t coming.  I wrote back, “Why did you wait until now to tell me!?  I am at gym already.”  He didn’t respond which I expected. I called.  Voicemail.  😦

I texted him “Please let tt call me.”  No response.

I tried calling again.  Voicemail.  I let a message asking what is wrong with all the children?  Tesla had been complaining of stomach pains over my weekend with her.  I let her father know about the pain, low grade fever and what medication I gave her.  He called me later, asking again because Tesla was still hurting.

At 8:10 I texted “Please have tt call me.”  No response.

I have the right to speak to my daughter.  The right to know what is wrong with her and if she is going to be taken to see our doctor.


I want to say goodnight to my child, especially if she doesn’t feel good.





  1. Anonymous says:

    He is such a prick!

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