Making and Presenting a Slideshow~ Tips

This is a blog just because I’m frustrated in my writing class.  We are currently doing presentations on underdogs.  Everyone in the class is assigned an “underdog” and we have to explain who are underdog is, what happened and why they are considered an underdog.

I did mine on David (vs Goliath) and posted it on my blogsite. The photos from my presentation slideshow  are with in my story online.  The actual slideshow presentation I showed in class had only one slide with words on it, comparing David to Goliath similar to a fighters card.  The rest was photos that gave examples of what I was actually describing or referring to.

Here are some simple tips for making a slideshow that works well with your oral presentation.

1.  Think “less is more.”  Slideshows crammed with words is a complete waste of time.  Professors don’t want to hear you read what’s on the screen anymore than you classmates do.  Use only few words and more visual examples to make understanding your topic easier.

2.  Pictures are great in slide shows.  Make sure they will appear focused on-screen.  Only put two to four pictures per screen. (remember less is more.)  Cite where the pictures came from.

3. Don’t use more slides than you can show within your presentation time frame.  Five or six well-done slides for an 8 minutes oral report is good.  The focus should be what you are saying.  Flying through sixteen slides  is to quick for an audience to grasp and that defeats the whole purpose of the slideshow.

4. Check your slides carefully for typos.

5. Don’t depend on a video clips to fill up your time.  If the professor wanted video after video, it wouldn’t be an oral presentation.  Keep the clips short and to the point.  If you really want to show “that winning touchdown” just have video of the throw and catch, not the last four and a half minutes of the game.

6. Try making your slideshow before writing what you want to say.  Seeing a picture, chart, graph, quote, etc. can help you organize your thoughts before writing the verbal part of your presentation.  This makes everything flow much better.

7. Know what slide is coming up by writing it on your notecards, paper etc.  Make some sort of notation on your notes so you know it’s time to move to the next slide.  Again, makes it flow.

8. Do not have gum in your mouth for Christ’s sake!

9. Act professional during the presentation.  Humor used properly will keep your audience’s attention.  If the presentation is on a somber subject then humor would not be proper.

10.  Finally, for the love of God, do not use these “filler” words: um, right, kinda, you know, okay, sorta, and, like.  “This slide is…um….of David. And he was a shepard….okay.  God thought David was sorta special, you know.  Kinda like a “superhero”….um….okay”  (You get the point)

Hope this may help anyone who reads it.  Other ideas for tips?  Add in the comments!

Good luckies!



  1. I have suggestions – stand up straight and face your audience while presenting. No one wants to watch you sway side to side and read your notes to the wall. And as uncomfortable as it may be, make eye contact with sixpence members to emphasize your point and engage them. that is all 🙂

  2. • Audience, not sixpence, damn you auto correct!

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