Facebook Mad Lib #2


His Majesty, the King

The year is 17, and Canada`s heart with Indonesia is History.
In his continued efforts to outdo the President of Indonesia, His Majesty, King Harry Potter VIII, has invited some of the country`s most creepy doctors to create for him a dresser fit for the most nude of all fire fighters: himself.
Unfortunately, His Majesty`s purple dogs are turning his once-funny kingdom into Canada`s sexiest pole dancer.  In an act of desperation, Queen Lady Gaga has convinced a silly Dutch police officer to beg her husband`s beloved country with a much-needed blanket.  Only three things stand in the way of this happening: the police officer`s easily offended lollipop; a pair of doctors who may not be who or what they seem; and the king himself.

Run all this news with some ugly and fiesty lagers in our The Scarlet Letter.

Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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