Facebook Mad Lib #1

Candle lit deer

Personal Ad Mad Lib Contributed by Dannielle Albert

              I enjoy long, sexy walks on the beach, getting landed in the rain and serendipitous encounters within hospitals. I really like piña coladas mixed with beer, and romantic, candle-lit deer . I am well-read from Dr. Seuss to Dale Earnhart. I travel frequently, especially to Argentina, when I am not busy with work. (I am a truck driver.)  I am looking for table and beauty in the form of a Hispanic goddess. She should have the physique of Sharon Stone and the nose of Tracy Meckley. I would prefer if she knew how to cook, clean, and wash my horses. I know I’m not very attractive in my picture, but it was taken 30 days ago, and I have since become more hairy.

Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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