Chill Preach!

I take comments on my blog without flinching.  Whether you are on Team Pattie, my classmate, part of my family, a friend, or my husband’s girlfriend I read what everyone writes.  I’ve never had my feelings hurt by comments.  Good or bad…I take, learn from them and move on.

There have been many “religious people” commenting on my blog about my faith and the dangers of creating a new religion.  I read your comments.  I let you preach.  It’s all cool.  I’ve managed to grow super thick skin.  A personal fact about me:  I have a very stong, undeniable belief in God.  Now today I noticed a pastor had posted on my Facebook “sick” under my Lady Gaga blog.  (

I asked her if she read the paper and she said yes.  I asked if she knew it was fiction and she didn’t care what it was in my world, to her it was “sick” and the rudeness of her answers followed by “Anything else?” prompted me to write:

Nope, nothing else.  I’m glad my Religions professor liked it.  Your rudeness makes me glad i don’t even know where your church is.

That comment on FB caused her to shoot me this private message:

Look, first off missy I don;t know why you even ever requested my friendship. I ignore all the weird things that you post and quite honestly I don’t mind just deleting you so goodbye. Oh and Patty… if I would ever have to put the book down for a minute I would.

Fine by me.

Amy deleted me immediately.  Now most of the preachers and religious folk realize it was a college final paper.  Some even complimented me on it.

Amy did not and now….she is gone.

I’m sorry I couldn’t save her.



  1. LOL doesn’t surprise me! Keep your head up, people like that are miserable in themselves. As I have said before, your paper was good, or it wouldn’t have caused such a stir. 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am “religious”…. I thought the GaGa story was very well done. Some people have issues…

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