What I Dream

I ask this all the time...

Is there anyone out there that doesn’t dream?  I think everyone dreams but doesn’t necessarily remember any of them.  I have reoccurring dreams, dreams where I am falling and where I fly (Fav #1)  Also reoccurring themes are the hubby John in a wide range of situations. (Worst #1) Being chased or followed.  Physical attack or peril. Sex, sometimes with spontaneous orgasms (Fav #2…this is the truth, I swear)  Arguing with my dad. (Worst #2) 

Sometimes I don’t know the people in my dreams.  Or maybe I just don’t know them yet.  Interesting thought.  I love the flying dreams.  I just spread my arms and fly around, usually at my parents, or at the pavilion below.  When I was younger I flew around my grandparents farm.  I lived there as an adult for about two years.  I had a dream about flying around the yard and around the barn.  I would swoop under and above the electric and phone lines.  If only I could make that come true!  Imagine all the gas money I would save!!

Wet dreams are very interesting to me.  It’s amazing how powerful the mind is.  Sometimes I have an orgasm and the dream isn’t even sexual.  Weird huh?  Anyone ever have an orgasm in their sleep?  A few days ago I had spontaneous orgasms sitting in my car with Dale.  I was fully dressed and frozen with wave after wave until I physically felt ill.  Dale said he saw something on TV about a woman who would suddenly have an orgasm.  Orgasms were great….thinking I will barf…not great.  LOL

So I almost dream daily about the future ex-hubby.  There used to be a sexual edge to my dreams about him.  If I could control it to some degree, I would take the sexual dreams over the fighting dreams.  Sometimes I dream I’m back in my house but I can’t get Heather to leave.  Every now and then, Kelly drops into a dream and I’m still having to hear her yelling at me.  She’s long gone now, except in my silly dreams.

I have no desire to ever be in a relationship with John again.  I suppose it could just be the stress of dealing with the whole divorce process.  I don’t let the dreams haunt me.  I could keep a journal nearby to jot down notes that will help me remember.  Maybe I’ll try that tonight and see what happens!

Counting orgasms,



  1. I watched a show on the discovery channel about a woman who had 100 orgasms a day. It was some nervous disease I think.

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