Dear John~you won

Dear John,

I am sure you are patting yourself on the back right now.  Congratulations, you have majority custody of Tesla.  Did you notice the judge said, “custody can always change” before she read her decision.  Do you still think Judge Dorney is a half-wit?

So now I just have Tesla every other weekend.  The judge stressed the importance of her mother still being very involved in her life.  I texted you a couple times and brought it up in person that I want to see Tesla at least once or twice during the week.  Since you told the judge I am a good mom, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want Tesla and I to see each other.  It confuses me that you didn’t respond to my texts or my comment in person.  Would you really intentionally keep Tesla from seeing me, just because you have the “power” to do so?

I am going to have to break it to Tesla that she won’t be coming home nearly as often as she is used to.  I know you said you didn’t want to tell her about the verdict because “she was already upset” over me getting stuck in traffic accident and not making it to her dance class.  How the hell do you think she’s going to take it when she learns she will rarely spend the night with her mom?  This might all backfire in your face.

You won the hearing, but in the end it won’t matter.  You can’t replace me as Tesla’s mom.  Eventually, she will want to live with her mommy.  In the meantime, I am going to push like you have never seen before to get this divorce finished.

I’m not angry, just disappointed for Tesla,



  1. Let’s be clear here u choose not to take tesla tonight the order does not start till the 25th. Second u can see tes at dance every Monday at 5 and at gymnastics on wed at 6. Like the judge said u should stay active, to bad the judge does no u never attend dance and only came 2 times to gymnastics. Beside u volunteer at the school once a wk, don’t u? u choose to have a judge decide now u have to follow the rules. Something u have issues w but u will learn. Hopefully u can start putting tes first, this will be a trying time for her and she needs support, for her right now , not a pitty party about how u lost. What does telling her accomplish ? Tears, not understanding? Confusion? Tes cannot tell time and will be fine w, u will see mom on “nnnday”. telling her only makes it better for u not her. She doesnt understand. I pray u can move past this and do what’s best for tes everyday!!!!! Pattie I am truly sorry u r hurt and upset and pray god will comfort u now. But the bickering has to stop, the bad comments, the lies, the stories. It’s tesla’s turn to be first and be love unconditionally by everyone in her life.

    • I’m not upset or hurt. I certainally don’t need you feeling sorry for me. Everything will be fine. You think you know everything. You don’t. I can’t visit with Tesla if she’s dancing or doing gymnastics. That is her time. I do enjoy watching her…..BUT..she and I deserve OUR time. I have no problem following the rules. But John will. He always does. ~P.

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